West Brattleboro Society

West Brattleboro Society 1823.jpg

Stephen Greenleaf's Notification For September 8th 1823 Election



The Inhabitants of the West-Parish in Brattleboro' are
hereby notified to meet at the town-room in the Academy
Building on monday the 8th day of September next at
3 of the Clock P. M. for the purpose of Electing society
Officers for the Year coming---
Brattleboro' August 30th 1823

By order of the Trustees. Committee

Stephen Greenleaf Society Clerk---

[The four corner holes in this particular notification show where the hand-wrought iron nail tacks were driven in, and then later carefully removed, when the notification was taken down. The West Brattleboro Society required that four such "Notifications" were to be placed in four different public places in Brattleboro, in advance of the election. These places were usually the popular public taverns and inns.]

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