Picture Gallery 9

Methodist Church, Elliot Street, Roadsters.jpg

Gulf Station At High Street, Green Street Junciton.jpg

Junction Of High Street And Green Street

Corner Elliot Street, Church Street.jpg

View From Mt. Wantastiquet 1908.jpg

View From Mt. Wantastiquet 1908

Revere House 1876.jpg

Revere House In 1876

Henry C. Nash, Proprietor

Drive Slowly To The Right, 1917 Main Street.jpg

Whetstone Falls, Brattleboro House, W. R. Geddis.jpg

Valley Fair Grounds.jpg

Valley Fair Grounds From Present Atwood Street

Mansion Built By J. Harry Estey In 1895.jpg

Mansion Built By J. Harry Estey In 1895

Removing The Blake Elm.jpg

Removing The Blake Elm 1869

Blake Block Fire.jpg

Blake Block Fire

Stereoscope By Delano Dana Dunklee, Called D. D. Dunklee

Centre Congregational Church Painted Brown.jpg

Centre Congregational Church In 1907

Weathervane At North By Northwest

Carl F. Cain, Tailor Shop Signs

Main Street 1907, Detroit Publishing Company.jpg

Main Street In 1907

Main Street Looking South From Harris Place.jpg

Main Street In 1908

Former Uriel Sikes Temperance Tavern At Right Center

Salisbury's Hotel Restaurant, Charles A. Tripp Watchmaker, A. L. Pettee, Dentist.jpg

Salisbury's Hotel Restaurant, Charles A. Tripp Watchmaker Jeweller

A. L. Pettee, Dentist, Barber Shop Pole, Gun-Smith

Lower Main Street, George E. Selleck, Frank G. Howe, Tyler Block.jpg

Main Street Parade, Hall's Long Building.jpg

Christian Schuster Leads The Brattleboro Cornet Band

High School, S. Langsdorf, William R. Geddis.jpg


Charles F. Thompson's Hardware Store Sign

Charles C. Frost's Sign Of The Golden Boot

A. V. Cox, Stoves & Tin Ware

Edward P. Ackerman, Editor.jpg

Edward P. Ackerman, Editor, Vermont Record And Farmer

About 1868

Retreat Meadows.jpg

Retreat Meadows

Howard Johnson's Crossroads.jpg

Chesterfield Road, Looking East To Howard Johnson's Restaurant

Wright's General Store, Putney Road.jpg

Wright's Restaurant, General Store, Putney Road

A. Chapin Wright And May

Grove Street, Work Crew, Old Unitarian Church.jpg

Grove Street Work Crew 1894

Unitarian Churches Old And New

North Main Street, W. H. Geddis Post Card.jpg

Lovell Farr Tavern, Unitarian Church, Man In Cart, With Horse

Dr. Edward Lynch Hospital, Grove Street, 1906.jpg

Dr. Edward R. Lynch

Hospital On Grove Street 1906

Edward R. Lynch Hospital 1908.jpg

Edward R. Lynch Hospital, West Brattleboro 1908

View South From The Old Valley Mill Roof.jpg

View From The Old Valley Mill Roof About 1860

Automobiles Waiting At Island Park, 1910 Model T Mitchell.jpg

Automobiles At Island Park, Road To Hinsdale

1910 Model T Mitchell, 35 Horse Power

Whetstone Brook Ruins, April 1869 Flood.jpg

Whetstone Brook Ruins In April 1869

Lower Main Street 1933.jpg

Aunt Sally Stockwell, June 5, 1880, Aged 101, House On Western Avenue.jpg

Aunt Sally Stockwell At 101 Years On June 5, 1880

Brooks House, Posted August 28, 1911.jpg

The Brooks House In 1911

Newton I. Hawley Hardware, Corner Store

Looking North Lower Main Street.png

Plaza Park.jpg

Plaza Park

Cascade On Wilder Farm Road.jpg

Footbridge Over Cascade On Wilder Farm Road

Dickinson Road Near Black Mountain

Falls On Kipling Road, Circa 1939.jpg

Falls On The Kipling Road 1939

Valley Fair Souvenir, Hisgh School.jpg

Main Street, Near Elliot Street, View North.jpg

To the right, looking north: O. J. Pratt, Dry Goods; Pratt, Wright & Co., Clothing; Cune & Brackett, Clothing; H. F. Houghton & Co. Dry Goods; Thompson & Ranger, Jewelers; William & Leon, Cigar Manufacturer; Perrin Simonds, Boots &Shoes; I. N. Thorn, Drugs; Joseph Steen, Book Store.

To the left looking north: Blake Block, Chandler & Davenport, Grocery Store; Brattleboro House, Chamberlain & Franks, Hats; Dwinell's Central Block, Post office; Frost & Goodhue Groceries, John Retting, Furniture.

Main Street, 1865.jpg

Main Street, Early 1865

West River Road, Red Automobile Parked.jpg

West River Road

Crossing Lower Main Street 1907, Photograph In Detail.jpg

Crossing Lower Main Street 1907


Lower Main Street In 1907

Nathan B. Williston's House, Main Street, April 30, 1850 Drawing By Henry E. Brewster.jpg

Nathan B. Williston's House On Main Street

Drawing By Henry E. Brewster, April 30, 1850








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