Picture Gallery 8

Island Park Baseball Game 1913.jpg

Main Street, Early Afternoon.jpg

Twelve Fifty-Five In The Afternoon

Island Park Pavilion, Postmarked June 3, 1913, Hand Colored W. H. Geddis.jpg

Island Park Pavilion

Brooks House.jpg

Centre Congregational Church, Asahel Clapp House, Town Hall, Circa 1940.jpg

Centre Congregational Church, Asahel Clapp House, Town Hall

Twelve Fifteen O'Clock

Edward Clark, Pianos, Trade Card 1884, Presidential Vote.jpg

West River Road, 1911, Porter C. Thayer Photograph.jpg

West River Road In 1911

Willard Trade Card 1879 Thoroughwort Tea.jpg

Henry A. Willard Trade Card 1879

Theodore Roosevelt, September 1, 1902 Speech.jpg

Theodore Roosevelt In Brattleboro, September 1, 1902

Asylum Street, Summer Day.jpg

Asylum Street, Summer Day

New Railroad Station, Round Gas House, Posted November 27, 1916.jpg

Main Street Decorated For Valley Fair.jpg

Valley Fair Day

St. Michael's Episcopal Church Photograph.jpg

St. Michael's Episcopal Church

Wells Fountain, Posted August 19, 1908.jpg

Vernon Road Covered Bridge.jpg

Vernon Road Covered Bridge Near Broad Brook Road

Maid School Graduation, Emery & Wyatt Photograph.jpg

Maid School Graduation

Little River Bridge 1945.jpg

Little River Bridge In 1945

Little River Bridge Interior.jpg

Little River Bridge

Little River Bridge.jpg

Little River Bridge, Circa 1918

Edward R. Lynch, Melrose Hospital, West Brattleboro.jpg

Edward R. Lynch, Melrose Hospital, West Brattleboro

Main Street 1865, Central Store, Hall's Long Building.jpg

Stone Fence Inn, Putney Road.jpg

Stone Fence Inn, Putney Road

Estey Organ Factory, David A. Henry Stereoscope.jpg

Estey Organ Factory And Steam Engine House

David A. Henry Stereoscope

Railroad Tracks, River, Sandbars, Wantastiquet.jpg

Railroad Tracks And Roundhouse Shed

Frost Meadow, Mansion, Whetstone, Cottage Organ Manufactory.jpg

Frost Meadows, Mansion, And Whetstone Brook

Blake Block, Main Street, Hornses 1860.jpg

Blake Block In 1860

Newspapers, Periodicals Toys / Fancy Goods

Summer Day At West River Bridge, August 1886.jpg

Summer Day At West River Bridge, August 1886

Railroad Accident Photograph In Detail

Horse Drinking At Corner Fountain, Main Street, A. D. Wyatt Photographer.jpg

Horse Drinking At Fountain

Arthur D. Wyatt Photograph

A. F. Boynton, Main Street Near The Bridge, Boots, Shoes, Slippers, Trade Card.jpg

Austin F. Boynton, Boots, Shoes, And Slippers Trade Card

12 Main Street Near The Bridge

There was an old woman who lived in a shoe

She had so many children she didn't know what to do

Anthony Van Doorn Building.jpg

Anthony Van Doorn Building, Covered Bridge For Locomotives

American House, Old Fessenden Bookstore

Canal Street, Estey Organ Factory.jpg

Canal Street

West Brattleboro Village, About 1899, From Meeting House Hill.jpg

West Brattleboro Village, About 1899, From Meeting House Hill

Three Bridges, 1906, West River.jpg

Entrance To The West River

Three Bridges In 1906

Junction Of Connecticut And West Rivers.jpg

Junction Of Connecticut And West Rivers

Anemometer On Wantastiquet

Depot Street In Winter.jpg

Depot Street In Winter

Connecticut River Ice, Gas Houses, No Bridge.jpg

Benjamin K. Chase.jpg

John H. Wheeler's Former Grocery And Dry Goods Store

The Cutler Block

Linden Street, Looking North 1907.jpg

Linden Street 1907







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