Picture Gallery 7

Valley Mill, Flour, Meal, Feed, Stereoscope By David A. Henry.jpg

Edward Crosby's Flour Mill In Summer 1857

New Connecticut River Bridge Partly Built

Robert Pender's Fort On Wantastiquet Peak

Photograph By David A. Henry

J. A. Church Residence.jpg

Jonathan Alonzo Church Residence In 1876

J. B. Beers Atlas

Now The Green Street School Lot

Jonathan Alonzo Church Residence, Green Street.jpg

Green Street

West River Bridge In Winter.jpg

West River Bridge

Three Bridges At West River.jpg

Holton Home For The Aged.jpg

Holton Memorial Home For The Aged

Whetstone Flood April 1869, Valley Mill, Bridge Street.jpg

After The April 1869 Flood

Valley Mill, After 1869 Flood, Depot Street Distant.jpg

The Croquet Game.png

Croquet Game

Revere House After Fire March 1877.jpg

Revere House After March 1877 Fire

Elihu Hotchkiss - Thomas Judge House At Left

Whetstone Crib Dam, Frost Meadows, Flat Street, Baptist Church.png

Whetstone Crib Dam, Frost Meadows, Brattleboro Melodeon Company

Baptist Church On Elliot Street

Stereoscope By David A. Henry

View From Prospect Street, Stereoscope By David A. Henry.png

View From Prospect Street

Stereoscope By David A. Henry

Whetstone Brook After 1869 Flood.jpg

Whetstone Brook, Frost Meadows, Flat Street, April 1869 Flood

An Old Homestead Near Brattleboro Vermont 1915.jpg

An Old Homestead Near Brattleboro 1915

George E. Fox, The Red Store, Made In Germany

Corner Main Street And High, Horse And Wagon, Fountain, George Hooker's House.jpg

Corner Main Street And High Street

Baptist Church Before Towers Built

Crosby's Pond, Putney Road, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Town Hall Post Office.jpg

Town Hall Post Office

West River Road.jpg

West River Road, One House Visible In Distance

Old Road In Brattleboro, 1914.jpg

Old Road In Brattleboro In 1914 Before Improvements

View From Brooks House Balcony.jpg

View From The Brooks House Balcony

Main Street, View From The Brooks House Cupola.jpg

View From The Brooks House Tower

Wantastiquet View Toward Brattleboro, Prospect Hill, South Main Street, Village.jpg

View From Wantastiquet

Swedesville In Distance

Root's Island, Prospect Hill Cemetery, South Main, Canal Streets

Main Street, 1907, Detroit Publishing.jpg

Holden Antiques, Putney Road, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Sharon V. Holden Antiques, Putney Road

Wooden Horse, Antiques Shop, Putney Road.jpg

Scott Farm, From Sketch By Robert Gordon Hardie, Jr.jpg

The Scott Farm

From A Sketch By Robert Gordon Hardie, Jr.

Western Avenue, West Brattleboro.jpg

Western Avenue, Baptist Church 1906

Main Street, Cheney & Clapp, Stereoscope By David A. Henry.png

Crosby Block, Cheney & Clapp Bookstore, Brooks House

Stereoscope By David A. Henry

Creamery Bridge, Looking South.jpg

Chesterfield Road Suspension Bridge, Woman Long Dress.jpg

Chesterfield Road Suspension Bridge

Woman In Long Dress

Man Standing On Corner Main And Elliot Streets.jpg

Photograph By Willis Henry Phillips

Town Hall And Main Street, 1910, Man With Cane.jpg

Brattleboro High School 1916.jpg

Birches At Morningside.jpg

Morningside Cemetery

Levi Knight Fuller Monument

Alvan Fisher, Painter.jpg

Alvan Fisher, Painter

Alvan Fisher,1830, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Alvan Fisher's "View Of Brattleboro" 1830

From Sketches During July-August 1829

Edward Sanborn's School, Summer 1829, Theorem Painting Advertisement.jpg

Alvan Fisher was probably teaching at Edward Sanborn's private school for two months. His skill with decorating carriages and finishing commercial signs would be welcome in any class for the traditional American folk art of stencil painting.


The Vermont Phoenix

When the proprietors and editors of the fledgling Vermont Phoenix newspaper moved into their Main Street offices in 1834, they named their enterprise after the building's former residents---the Phoenix Lottery.

Phoenix Lottery 30 March 1826 Tickets 3d Class.jpg

The name of the Phoenix Lottery came from the notion that if you hit the lottery, then your splendid new life would rise from the ashes of your old life---just like the fabled phoenix rises anew every five hundred years from its own nested pyre, fretted with rue and cinnabar.


Vermont Phoenix, Thursday, April 16, 1846


This Indenture.jpg

From The Old Brooks Library

Indenture Deed For Thomas Everett, John Drummond, Ralph Etwall

Dated June 11, 1792

In Original Frame

Thomas Everett, Signature June 11, 1792, This Indenture.jpg

John Drummond, Signature June 11, 1792, This Indenture.jpg

Old Brooks Library, This Indenture.jpg

This Indenture made the Eleventh day of June in the thirty second year of the reign of our Sovereign Lord George the third by the Grace of God of Great Britain France and Ireland King Defender of the Faith and so forth and in the year of our Lord one thousand seven hundred ninety two

Thomas Everett and John Drummond were Members of Parliament, Ludgershall, County of Wiltshire. Ralph Etwall was an attorney from Andover who held corporate posts of bailiff, town chamberlain, and town clerk.







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