Picture Gallery 6

Main Street, View North, 1928.jpg

Presbrey Leland Company, Granite Sheds, Office Building.jpg

Presbrey-Leland Granite

Suspension Bridge, Steam Launch, Looking North, Posted July 30, 1923.jpg

Suspension Bridge

(Three Hundred Feet North From Present Bridge)

On The West River Road, 1905, Well Pump House, Detroit Photographic Company.jpg

Upper Dummerston Road, West River Road In 1905

Cold Spring Pump House

Main Street Horse Auction, Probably Chamberlain Stables.jpg

Horse Auction, After 1884

Isaac N. Thorn's Mortar And Pestle Drugs Sign At Corner

Entrance, Brattleboro Free Library, 1905.jpg

Brattleboro Free Library, 1905

F. W. Kuech, E. E.Perry, F. W.Woolworth, Huntress Adams, Main Street, Wheeler's Stone Building.jpg

Benjamin Crown's Main Street Photograph Series, Spring 1918

Frederick W. Kuech & Co., Ernest E. Perry & Co.

F. W. Woolworth & Co., Huntress-Adams & Co.

Milk Wagon

Connecticut River Bridge, Towards Brattleboro.jpg

Main Street, Benjamin Crown Photograph, May 1918, Shorey, Fenton.jpg

Main Street, Brattleboro, Wagon, Centre Congregational Church.png

Wood Block Engraving, Circa 1860, Prospect Hill.jpg

James Capen House, Far Left, And Prospect Hill Cemetery

Detail From Wood Block Engraving, 1860

Benjamin Crown Photograph, May, 1918, War Draftees, Brattleboro Drug Co., Drive Slowly To The Right.jpg

Summoned Windham County Draftees

Benjamin Crown Photograph, May 1918

Brattleboro Drug Co.

Drive Slowly To The Right

Granite Block, 109 Main Street, F. W. Woolworth Co., May, 1918.jpg

Benjamin Crown's May 1918 Photographs In Detail

Bridge Over Connecticut, Brattleboro.jpg

Linden Lodge In 1909.jpg

Linden Lodge In 1909

Canal Lock.jpg

Canal Lock

Adin French Styles Stereoscope View In Detail From Prospect Street.jpg

Adin French Styles Stereoscopic View From Prospect Street

David A. Henry, St. Michael's Episcopal Church.jpg

St. Michael's Episcopal Church On Main Street

David A. Henry Photographer

Elliot Street, Charles L. Spears Dining Room, Orion Clark's Barber Shop, Circa 1875.jpg

Charles L. Spears Dining Room, Elliot Street

Orion Clark's Barber Shop, About 1875

Elm Street Bridge, Opened May 26, 1888, Carriage And Sleigh Manufactory 1911.jpg

Elm Street Iron Bridge, Opened May 26, 1888

Rockwell & Sherwin's Carriage And Sleigh Manufactory 1911

Junction North Main And Linden Street.jpg

Main Street Looking North To Wells Fountain

The Birches, Ames Hill Road.jpg

The Birches, Ames Hill Road

Traffic Divider, Main Street Hill.jpg

Main Street 1875.jpg

Main Street, Early Spring 1875

Original Windows In 1854 Town Hall

Brattleboro Retreat Entrance, Gas Lamps, Circa 1873.jpg

Brattleboro Retreat, Entrance Gate, Gas Lamp

Main Street 1865, Central Store, Hall's Long Building.jpg

Walnut Street, Wagon, Children Near Corner.jpg

Semi Weekly Eagle, Thursday, January 2, 1850.jpg

Vermont Phoenix Masthead, April 16, 1846, Design By Thomas Chubbuck.jpg

Vermont Phoenix Masthead, Thursday, April 16, 1846

Designed By Thomas Chubbuck

Valley Fair Sign, September 24th To 26th, 1907, Main And Bridge Streets.jpg

Man Leaning Forward Reading Billboard Sign In 1907

Birthday Party, 1910, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Birthday Party 1910

Brooks House, Posted January 19, 1934 To George H. Clapp.jpg

Whetstone Falls, Brattleboro House, W. R. Geddis.jpg

Main Street, View North From Elliot Street, Drain Cover.jpg

Main Street, Elliot Street Corner

Storm Drain Cover, Flagstone Walks

Estey Organ Factory, Neighborhood, Post Card.jpg

Estey Organ Company, Birge Street

Charles R. Simonds, Public Coupe Business, 1894.jpg

Charles R. Simonds' Public Coupe In 1894

Possibly On The Brattleboro Common

Elliot Street, Circa Summer 1864-October1869,Wood&Kathan,OrionClarkBarberShop,SycamoreTree.jpg

Elliot Street, Circa Summer 1864 To Summer 1869

Orion Clark's Barber Shop At Right

Plaza Park.jpg

Plaza Park










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