Picture Gallery 5

New Bridge Over Connectiuct River.jpg

Temporary Ferry With Cable By Steel Truss Bridge

Connecticut River, Suspension Bridge, New Hampshire House.jpg

Suspension Bridge, New Hampshire House In 1907

Brattleboro Map, 1830, C. Barnard, Army Corps Of Engineers.jpg

Army Corps Of Engineers, 1830, C. Barnard's Map For Proposed Canal

Anthony Van Doorn Building, American House, Old Fessenden Bookstore.jpg

Anthony Van Doorn Building, American House, Old Fessenden Bookstore

Covered Bridge For The Locomotive Engines

Anthony Van Doorn Building, Stereoview Card.jpg

Upper Forest Street, 1911, Porter C. Thayer Photograph, Man On Porch.jpg

Upper Forest Street

Photograph 1911 By Porter C. Thayer

Used By Permission From Porter Thayer Collection - University Of Vermont

Elm Trees On Western Avenue, Near Allerton Street, July 21, 1958.jpg

Western Avenue, Near Allerton

July 21, 1958

Wesselhoeft Water Cure.jpg

Wesselhoeft Water Cure

Frank Harris, Larkin G. Mead, Houses, East Side, Main Street.jpg

Frank Harris House, Larkin G. Mead House, Main Street East Side

Willis Bemis Express Office, Dr.Charles Chapin's House Formerly Gardner C. Hall 1826, Jospeh Goodhue House.jpg

Willis Bemis' Express Office In 1865

Formerly Jonathan Hunt's Law Office

Gardner C. Hall's House Built 1826, Dr. Charles Chapin's Residence

Willis Bemis's Express Office, Formerly Jonathan Hunt's Law Office.jpg

The Willis Bemis Express Office, Corner Main Street And High Street In 1865

Formerly The Law Office Of Jonathan Hunt

Willis Bemis Express Office, 1865, Corner Main Street, High Street.jpg

Church On The Common 1816 Dedication Sermon.jpg

Church On The Common 1816 Dedication Service

Captain William S. Brooks.jpg

Captain William S. Brooks

Oil On Canvas, About 1832, By Joseph Wheeler

Creamery Bridge, Limit 16,000 Pounds.jpg

Rutherford Hayes Tavern, Western Avenue, Bearded Man Seated On Bench, Horse And Buggy.jpg

Rutherford Hayes Tavern

West River Bridges.jpg

West River Bridges

Walk Your Horse

Footbridge In West Brattleboro.jpg

Footbridge In West Brattleboro

First Railroad Station, 1849, Thomas Chubbuck Engraving.jpg

First Railroad Station 1849

Thomas Chubbuck Engraving

Whetstone Falls, Jacob Estey Factory, From D. A. Henry Photograph.jpg

Lithograph From D. A. Henry Photograph

Bridge Over Connecticut To Chesterfield, N. H., 1937, Published By Baker's.jpg

Chesterfield Road Over Connecticut River In 1937

View From South Main Street Hill To Connecticut River.jpg

South Main Street Hill

Steam Train Northbound

Hall's Long Building During 1873-1883.jpg

Hall's Long Building

American House, Lower Main Street, Circa 1907.jpg

American House, Main Street

Creamery Bridge, Summer Day, 1950's.jpg

Tichnor Brothers, Boston, Post Card

Creamery Brige, Brattleboro, In Autumn.jpg

Whetstone In Winter, Crib Dam, Frost Meadows, Old Baptist Church, Brattleboro Melodeon Company.jpg

Whetstone In Winter

Charles C. Frost's House On Flat Street

Main Street Looking North, Lewis R. Brown, Detail.jpg

Main Street At Ten Forty-Five

Groceries - Meats

Lewis R. Brown

Christopher Columbus, Four Hundredth, October 21, 1892, Republican Club.jpg

Columbus Day Parade, Friday, October 21, 1892

Advance Of The School Division

Republican Club Banner For Benjamin Harrison And Whitelaw Reid

Main Street, Brattleboro, During 1873-1883.jpg

Isaac N. Thorn's Gilt Mortar And Pestle Pharmacy Log Pole Sign

Artifact, Windham County Names List.jpg

Windham County Artifact

Thirty-two Inches In Height

Possibly From A Windham County Fair

Wantastiquet Carriage Road, Post Marked April 23, 1906.jpg

Carriage Road Down From The Summit

Post Card Photograph

Authorized By Act Of Congress Of May 19, 1898

Canal Street.jpg

Canal Street







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