Picture Gallery 4

Old Woolen Mill, Whetstone Brook, Old Civil War Pest House.jpg

Woolen Mill Built In 1847

Elliot, Union, Williams, Flat, Birge Streets

Former Civil War Pest House In Foreground Used As Bleachery

Connecticut River Bridge, May 1902.jpg

Connecticut River Bridge In May 1902

Large Pines In Prospect Hill Cemetery

Connecticut River Log Jam, 1908, Brattleboro, View From The Hinsdale Bridge.jpg

Loggers' Camp On The Island About 1907

Tents, Fire Smoke

View From The Bridge

Depot Street, 1921, Brattleboro Vermont.jpg

Depot Street On The Connecticut River 1921

Two Rowboats Moored At Railed Dock

New Steel Bridge, Round Gas House, Warehouse On Depot Street, Bridge Street, 1921.jpg

Depot Street, Benjamin A. Crown Photograph.jpg

Benjamin A. Crown Photograph

Depot Street About 1913

Granite Block, 1840, Woodblock Engraving, Main Street Brattleboro.jpg

Granite Block, Main Street 1840

Looking Down Bridge Street Toward Depot Street In 1869.jpg

Looking Down Bridge Street In 1869

Valley Mill Company, William Dutton's Obelisks, Estey Factory

Carriage Works On Lower Canal Street


Whetstone In Summer Seen From The Crib Dam

Charles C. Frost House

Covered Bridges, Island, Summer Day.jpg

Covered Bridges On The Island

Guilford Road Near Brattleboro.jpg

Flat Street, Circa 1909.jpg

Flat Street About 1909

Bert Poole, Esteyville, Circa 1883 In Detail.jpg

Albert "Bert" F. Poole, Lithographer

Esteyville, In Detail, Circa 1883-1884

Centre Congregational Church, Brattleboro, Main Street, Brown Steeple.jpg

Centre Congregational Church

The Academy, West Brattleboro, Vermont, Posted April 2, 1907.jpg

The Brattleboro Academy, Former Town Hall

West Brattleboro Academy, Former Town Hall.jpg

The Brattleboro Academy, Former Town Hall

Meeting House Hill Cemetery, December 30, 2011, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Meeting House Hill, Round Mountain

Plaza Square, Hotel Billings.jpg

Fort Dummer, Fieldstone Foundation, 1724, Northwest Corner, 1976 Excavation.jpg

Fort Dummer Site, Fieldstone Foundation, Northwest Corner

Walter Harrington Excavation At Low Water

The Higginson Cottage, Asylum Street, Later Linden Street.jpg

The Former Higginson Family Cottage On Asylum Street

Thomas Wentworth Higginson, Una Hawthorne, Henry David Thoreau Were Here

Vermont Asylum For The Insane, Stereoscope, J. G. Lawrence, Publishers, 1880-1890.jpg

Vermont Asylum For The Insane

Stereoscope, J. G. Lawrence, Northampton, Massachusetts

West River Road.jpg

West River Road - Sunrise On Black Mountain

Baseball Trade Card, Selleck & Davis, Job Printers.jpg

Suspension Bridge, High Water, 1909.jpg

Suspension Bridge At High Water In April 1909

Broad Brook Road, Brattleboro.jpg

Broad Brook Road

Oak Street, Trolley Tracks.jpg

Oak Street

Metropolitan News & Publishing Company, Birds Eye View Of Brattleboro.jpg

Main Street, A. B. Clapp & Company, Brooks House.jpg

From Henry M. Burt's 1874 Guide Through The Connecticut Valley To The White Mountains.jpg

First Baptist Church

From Henry M. Burt's 1874

Guide Through The Connecticut Valley To The White Mountains

Main Street 1905 From Town Hall Looking South.jpg

Town Hall 1905

Ornamental Quoins, Porte Cochere, Williston Block Windows

Dr. Arms D. Putnam, Dentist.jpg

Dr. Arms D. Putnam


Main Street, First Baptist Church, Francis Goodhue House.jpg

First Baptist Church, Francis Goodhue House

Repairing Centreville Dam.png

Repairing The Centreville Dam 1869

Ozias L. Miner, Farmer.jpg

Ozias L. Miner

His Farm Is Now Living Memorial Park

Old High School Lawn, Circa 1900.jpg

Old High School About 1900

Clapp & Jones Company Post Card

Elm Street Bridge.jpg

Elm Street Iron Bridge In 1911

Albert W. Rockwell, Herbert S. Sherwin

Rockwell & Sherwin's Carriage And Sleigh Manufactory

Bridge Opened On Saturday, May 26, 1888.

Unitarian Church Circa 1907.jpg

Unitarian Church 1907








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