Picture Gallery 3

Island Road From Hinsdale, Toll House.jpg

Carriage Ride To Hinsdale In 1894

Covered Bridge, Toll House, Island Road

St. Michael's Episcopal Church, 1924, Main Street, Ivy Clad.jpg

St. Michael's Episcopal Church On Main Street In 1924

Railroad Freight Yard Seen From Prospect Hill Before 1903.jpg

Fountain Square, 1905, Detroit Photographing.jpg

Wells Memorial Fountain In 1905

Crowell Park, View Toward Canal Street.jpg

Crowell Park, View Toward Elliot Street, Canal Street Distant

Caleb L. Howe & Son 1884

St. Michael's Episcopal Church, 1905, Detroit Photographic Company.jpg

St. Michael's Episcopal Church On Former Main Street Site 1905

American Legion Post No. 5, Linden Street.jpg

Linden Street

Farmers And Mechanics Block, Elliot Street.jpg

Elliot Street, North Side

Brooks House, Stereoscope, Caleb L. Howe & Sons.png

Caleb L. Howe & Sons Photograph After 1878

A. B. Clapp & Company, Newton I. Hawley Fancy Goods

Iron-Hooped Watch At 9:19 A. M.

Arthur B. Clapp & Comapny, Caleb L. Howe & Sons.jpg

Arthur B. Clapp & Co., Wholesale Jewelry, Williston Block

Mortar And Pestle Sign

Caleb L. Howe & Sons, Clock At 9:19 A. M.

Street Lamp, Hotel Brooks.jpg

Main Street, Looking South, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Birge Street 1875.jpg

Patrick Griffin And Mary Hartey's House And Garden

Birge Street 1875

Brook's House.jpg

Brooks House, Posted July 20, 1912.jpg

The Brooks House.jpg

Main Street, 1918, Library, Post Office, Unitarian Church.jpg

Brattleboro Academy, November 4, 1833, Asa Boyden Receipt.jpg

Asa Boyden's Receipt To The Brattleboro Academy

David A. Henry, Whetstone Falls In Winter.jpg

David A. Henry, Stereoscope View

David Henry lived on South Main Street, two doors from Washington Street.

Congregational Meeting House On The Common 1806, District School 1833, Chase Street School 1857.jpg

First Meeting House On Brattleboro East Village Common In 1806

District No. 2 School In 1833

Chase Street School In 1857

Windham County Bank Note, One Dollar, Green.jpg

Windham County Bank Note, Three Dollars, Red Gem.jpg

Albert E. Thurber, Baker, Main Street 1887.jpg

Ambrose Knapp, Hats, Caps, Trade Card, A Solid Mash.jpg

Portrait Of A Young Woman, David A. Henry, Cutler's Block, Brattleboro.jpg

Portrait Of A Young Woman

David A. Henry, Main Street, Cutler's Block Studio

Elliot Street, North Side, East From Church Street.jpg

Elliot Street, North Side, East From Church Street

Comapny I Leaving For Mexico, Thursday, June 22, 1916, Capt. Ernest W. Gibson.jpg

Company I Leaving For Mexico, Thursday, June 22, 1916

Capt. Ernest W. Gibson, 1st Vermont Infantry

First Train Arrives In Brattleboro, Vermont Phoenix, March 16, 1849.jpg

Former John Birge Furniture Warehouse, The Yellow Building, 1856.jpg

Former John Birge Furniture Manufactory, The Yellow Building

McClellan's Atlas Illustration 1856

David A. Henry, Machine Shop Waterwheel, 1869 Flood.jpg

David A. Henry Stereoscopes

Mill Wheels After April 1869 Whetstone Flood

Two Mill Wheels Destroyed In April 1869 Whetstone Brook Flood.jpg

Carriage Before Frank W. Harris Place, Main Street.jpg

Adjusting The Off Wheel

Main Street In Front Of Frank Harris House

Larkin G. Mead's House, Center

Lula E. Davidson, Common School Writing Book, Cheney & Clapp.jpg

Lula Estelle Davidson

Rev. Charles Orrin Day, Centre Congregational Church.jpg

Rev. Charles O. Day

Centre Congregational Church

Asahel Clapp House, Woolworth's, W. T. Grant Company.jpg

Asahel Clapp House, Chevrolet Bel Air 1956, F. W. Woolworth, W. T. Grant

Carleton Allen Photograph

Dr. David Carley, Advertisement, December 8, 1854.jpg

Dr. David Carley

At The Sign Of The Good Samaritan, Elliot Street

Vermont Statesman Advertisement 1854

Burnside Military School, Cadets, Front Lawn.jpg

Burnside Military School

Judge Samuel Wells House At Far Left

Edward J. Carpenter, Windham County Periodical Depot, Bookseller, Librarian.jpg

Edward J. Carpenter

Windham County Periodical Depot, Bookseller, Librarian

Frost Meadows, Whetstone Brook, After 1869 Flood.jpg

Frost Meadows, Flat Street After 1869 Flood

Clock Face Inside Steeple, Centre Congregational Church.jpg

Clock Face Inside Steeple, Centre Congregational Church

Charles A. Tripp, Watch Sign, Main Street.jpg

Sign Of The Watch And Spoon

Revere House Sign, Photograph, Autumn 1866, George H.  Houghton,Detail.jpg

Photograph By George Harper Houghton In Autumn 1866

Road Through Pines, North From Cascade Brook, Later Cotton Mill Hill.jpg

Road Through Pines North From Cascade Brook

The old county road in Fort Dummer times went up Cotton Mill Hill several hundred feet east of the present lower end of Cotton Mill Hill Road, which was constructed in 1914.

Canal Street, Carriage Shop, Unitarian Church.jpg

Canal Street

Carriage Shop, Unitarian Church

Houghton Horse Man Wagon.jpg

Main Street

George Harper Houghton, Photographer

Mary Howe, Brattleboro Pageant, 1912, After Singing, Home, Sweet Home.jpg

Mary Howe, Brattleboro Pageant, 1912

After Singing "Home, Sweet Home"

Tack Shop Workers, Circa 1880, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Tack Shop Interior About 1880

Old Peg Factory, Crib Dam, Centreville.png

Old Shoe Peg Factory At Centreville

Crib Dam On Whetstone Brook



Whetstone Brook

Centreville Factories

Shoe Peg Factory, Brook Road, Centerville.jpg







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