Picture Gallery 2

Carriage Before Frank W. Harris Place, Main Street.jpg

Adjusting The Off Wheel

Main Street In Front Of Frank Harris House

Larkin G. Mead's House, Center

Main Street And Harris Place.png

Main Street At Night, 1928.jpg

Night In Main Street 1928

Rail Road Arched Bridge, Train, Crew, Whetsone Brook Reflections.jpg

Centre Congregational Church, September11, 1927, Estey Organ Dedication.jpg

Centre Congregational Church

Estey Organ Dedication Sunday, September 11, 1927

Centre Congregational Church, Estey Organ.jpg

Main Street Parade, Flags, Wagons, Brooks House Balcony, N I Hawley.jpg

Memorial Day Parade, May 30, 1891, Arrival At The Town Hall

Forty-Three Star Flags, Estey Guard Detachment Presenting Arms

"The heavy rain of Friday had brightened the foliage and grass, making everything fresh and beautiful, and though the morning of Memorial day was threatening, it cleared away and the afternoon was pleasant."

Unitarian Church, Before 1917.jpg


Croquet Game

Brattleboro Reformer, 1907, Composing Room.jpg

Brattleboro Reformer Composing Room 1907

Willis Bemis, Express Office, Main And High Street Corner.png

Willis Bemis Express Office

David A. Henry Photograph

Express Office, Baptist Church, David A. Henry Stereoscope.jpg

View Of Brattleboro, David A. Henry, Photographer.png

Canal Street, Clark Street

David A. Henry Photographer

Thompson Memorial Hospital.jpg

Thompson Memorial Hospital In 1909

Brooks House Tower, 1876, Beers Atlas Engraving.jpg

J. B. Beers Atlas 1876

Canal Falls, W. R. Geddis Post Card.jpg

Canal Falls

Chesterfield Bridge, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Chesterfield Suspension Bridge

Linden Street, Wells Fountain, Putney Road, 1904.jpg

Linden Street, 1904

Main Street, 1869, Toward Centre Congregational Church.jpg

Main Street 1869

Revere House Sign Before March 1877, Center Design Says 1850.jpg

Revere House Sign

Photograph By George Harper Houghton In Autumn 1866

Main Street, Pharmacy Pole, Hall's Long Building.jpg

Whetstone Flood 1869, Dam, Frost Meadows, Flat Street.jpg

Whetstone Brook After 1869 Flood With Dam

Frost Meadows, Flat Street In Distance

St. Michaels Episcopal Church, Brattleboro, Knowlton Brothers Photographers.png

St. Michael's Episcopal Church On Main Street

North Bound, Summer 1913, Two Gas Houses.jpg

Engine No. 50 Northbound

Old Railroad Station.jpg

Old Railroad Station

Retreat Tower, Summer, Open Door.jpg

Island Park Pavilion, Bridge, Gas House, 1915 E. J. Fenton Company.jpg

Sunrise Over Wantastiquet 1915

Horse And Wagon Before Marble And Granite Works At Right

Main Street, The Rotograph Company, New York City, Printed In Germany.jpg

Ranslure W. Clarke.jpg

Ranslure W. Clarke, Esq.

John Strong House, Marlboro, Later Melrose Seminary, Brattleboro, Fire 1896.jpg

John Strong House 1794

Melrose Seminary 1847

Two Doors East From West Brattleboro Baptist Church

Horse And Sleigh, Corner Bridge And Main Streets, 1907.jpg

Winter Sleigh 1907

Hotel Brooks, Pickwick Coffee Shop 1930s.jpg

Connecticut River Bridge, Pavilion.jpg

Connecticut River Bridge

Edwin Davis, Brattleboro Preacher, One Sixth Daguerreotype.jpg

Rev. Edwin Davis, Universalist Pastor

West Brattleboro 1851-1852

Main Street Parade, Ambrose Knapp, Hats, Clothing Sign.jpg

Lower Main Street, George E. Selleck, Frank G. Howe, Tyler Block.jpg

Panoramic View Of Brattleboro, Vermont, 1917, Henry Barreuther.jpg

Panoramic View Of Brattleboro, Vermont, 1917

Henry Barreuther, Photographer

Albany Cafe, Whetstone Block, 1917, Barber Shop Pole, Samuel Wells Grocery And Fish Market, Vinton Paper Mill Storage Buildings.jpg

The Whetstone Block In 1917

Albany Cafe, Andrew L. Hamilton, Proprietor

Prudent Ratte's Barber Shop With Striped Pole

Samuel Wells Grocery And Fish Market

William H. Vinton's Paper Mill Storage Buildings

Laborer With Shovel By Wagon, Trench In Street

Canal Street, Photograph By Henry Barreuther, 1917.jpg

Brattleboro 1917 Lower Main Street.jpg

The Park Building

Wilder Farm Products Company

Edward R. Lynch, M. D.

The Hoadley Hotel, James A. Hoadley, Furnished Apartments

Park Drug Store, Telephone 210

Confectionary, Demetro Latchis, Candy Kitchen

Mens' And Womens' Apprarel, Barney S. Michaelman, Israel I. Michaelman

Pianos, Musical Merchandise, Luther H. Barber

Panorama 1917, Bridge Street.jpg

Panorama 1917, View Four.jpg

Panoramic 1917, View Three.jpg








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