Picture Gallery 16

Chase Street School, October 1927.jpg

Chase Street School In October 1927

Addison B. Hall.jpg

Addison B. Hall

Fire Buckets, Epaphro Seymour, Joseph Goodhue.jpg

Epaphro Seymour, Joseph Goodhue, Leather Fire Buckets


Valley Fair Parade 1900

Dr. Joseph Draper.jpg

Dr. Joseph Draper

Newton I. Hawley.jpg

Newton I. Hawley

Barna A. Clark.jpg

Barna A. Clark

Cotton Mather, Born March 19, 1833, Marlboro, Vermont.jpg

Cotton Mather, Born In Marlboro, Vermont, March 19, 1833

Lineal Descent From Rev. Richard Mather

Boston & Maine Railroad, Engine 29, Irish Navvies.jpg

Irish Navvies Building The New Boston & Maine Railroad Bridge

December 1912 - February 1913

Four Fatal Accidents

James Stewart Hamilton, Foreman, Murdered

Swinging a heavy rail on a traveling crane ninety feet over the Connecticut River in the freezing cold, these Irish construction workers sang a song---

Hit it harder
A little bit harder,
Just a little bit harder,
For it must go.

Aeroplane Mail Service, August 18, 1922, Brattleboro.jpg

Aeroplane Mail Service Aviator Station, Brattleboro, Vt.

August 18, 1922

Three thousand visitors at the Retreat Meadows witnessed the crash this day of the huge, yellow Curtiss Oriole plane, and the death by burning of Evelyn Harris, the sister of Fred Harris, president of the Brattleboro Outing Club and founder of the first Winter Carnival in February 1921, and the first Brattleboro Ski Jump on February 4, 1922. Joseph Trahan, barber, and his five year old son Norman were also killed.

The Vermont Phoenix article on Friday, August 25, 1922, "Airplane Meet Has Tragic End" describes the pilot's taking off to the north in order to avoid a troublesome hummock in the middle of the landing field, the plane's collision with a tall elm tree that turned the Curtiss Oriole to the east, over the West River, and into electrical wires carrying 1,000 volts that tripped and incinerated the machine.

Retreat Meadows Airport.jpg

Retreat Meadows Airport

Old Brooks Library, Post Office, Unitarian Church.jpg

Visiting At The Valley Fair.jpg

Woman Arriving

Valley Fair In 1893

Woman Leaving

Valley Fair 1893.jpg

Our Place, West Brattleboro.jpg

Charles H. Allen, Proprietor, Our Place

Our Place, for tourists, stood one door east from the Rutherford Hayes Tavern.

The Brattleboro Retreat Tower.jpg

Retreat Tower 1924

West River Road, Early Fall.jpg

West River Road

Valley Fair Flags 1906.jpg


First National Bank Of Brattleboro, December 18, 1877.jpg

Silas M. Waite, Cashier

December 18, 1877

Duck Pond, Wilder Farm, Marked September 30, 1908.jpg

St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church.jpg

St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church

Elm Street, Flat Street.jpg

Elm Street, Flat Street

James Fisk, Mammoth Peddling Company, Brattleboro.jpg

Fisk was born in the hamlet of Pownal, Vermont, in Bennington County in 1835. After a brief period in school, he ran away in 1850 and joined Van Amberg's Mammoth Circus & Menagerie. Later, he became a hotel waiter, and finally adopted the business of his father, a peddler. He applied what he learned in the circus to his peddling and grew his father's business.

He then became a salesman for Jordan Marsh, a Boston dry goods firm. A failure as a salesman, he was sent to Washington, D.C., in 1861 to sell textiles to the government. By his shrewd dealing in army contracts during the Civil War, and, by some accounts, cotton smuggling across enemy lines---in which he enlisted the help of his father---he accumulated considerable wealth, which he soon lost in speculation.


Swedish Church, West Street.jpg

Swedish Church, West Street

New Hampshire Bridge.jpg

Valley Fair Parade 1908.jpg

View From Prospect Hill.jpg

Jacob Estey.jpg

Birge Street

Jacob Estey Trade Card.jpg

New Royal Diner.jpg

Roland J. Fisher, Proprietor

Odd Fellows Hall, Crosby Block.jpg

Odd Fellows Hall, Crosby Block

Photograph By Caleb L. Howe, During 1873-1879

Island Park Grandstand Baseball Game.jpg

Baseball Grandstand At Island Park 1913

Island Park Baseball Game.jpg

Broad Brook, Postmarked September 7, 1909.jpg

Brattleboro Railroad Station, Postmarked August 29, 1910.jpg

Creamery Bridge, George A. Briggs Advertisement.jpg








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