Picture Gallery 15

Iron Bridge, Elm Street.jpg

Elm Street

Brattleboro Ski Jump.jpg

F W Woolworth Company.jpg

Main Street 1941

Foot Bridge Near Lawton Hall.jpg

Estey Organ Works, Red Striped Awnings.jpg

Baptist Church, West Brattleboro.jpg

West Brattleboro Baptist Church

West Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Elliot Street Before 1878.jpg

Elliot Street Before 1878 Rainy Day

Arriving And Departing

Elliot Street, Dapple Grey.jpg

George Harper Houghton, Main Street, Late 1866.JPG

George Harper Houghton, Main Street, Late 1866

Col. John Hunt, Fort Dummer Farm.jpg

Col. John Hunt, Fort Dummer Farm

Valley Fair Parade, Main Street.jpg

The Old High School.jpg

Brattleboro High School

Suspension Bridge Over Connecticut River.jpg

Valley Fair Grounds, Automobiles, Flags.jpg

Valley Fair Grounds

Civil War Monument At Flag Pole

Grange Block, Postmarked April 6, 1909.jpg

Wilder Farm, Duck Pond.jpg

The Wilder Farm

Tracks Down Main Street.jpg

Retreat Tower, Winter 1924.jpg

Brattleboro Retreat Tower

Dr. James Conland, Rudyard Kipling Friend, 1884.jpg

Dr. James Conland, Later Rudyard Kipling Friend

Brattleboro Reformer, September 5, 1884

Thomas Chubbuck, Engraver, Brattleboro House 1866.jpg

Brattleboro House, 1866 Engraving By Thomas Cubbuck

Charles G. Lawrence, Proprietor

Sidney A. Morse's Livery Stable At Left

Thomas Addison Richards, Engraving, August 1856, Brattleborough, Vermont.jpg

Thomas Addison Richards, Engraving From South Main Street 1856

The "Compact House", Later Called "The Omnibus", Center, Irish Tenement

Saint Michaels Roman Catholic Church.jpg

St. Michaels Roman Catholic Church

Whetstone Brook Falls.jpg

Presbrey Leland Granite Company.jpg

Presbrey-Leland Granite Company

Brattleboro Retreat Tower View To Wantastiquet.jpg

Brattleboro Retreat

Connecticut River Bridge, Little River Bridge, David A. Henry Photographer.jpg

David A. Henry Photograph

American Building.jpg

American Building

View From Bridge Street. Clapp & Jones.jpg

View From Bridge Street

Charles W. Puffer Grocery Store.jpg

Charles W. Puffer's Grocery Store

This storefront building still stands on the south side of Elliot Street. The large wooden building that is reflected in the window once stood where the entrance to the Harmony Lot is now. The building standing next to the grocery to the west, was torn down in 1913 for Emerson's furniture store. Through the alley between these building can be seen the three story house that still stands on the north side of Canal Street.

First Baptist Church, After Caleb L. Howe Photograph.jpg

First Baptist Church

After C. L. Howe Photograph

East Dummerston, Postmarked September 23, 1909, Emma Reed, Mrs. Charles G. Walker.jpg

East Dummerston In 1909

The East-West Road At Schoolhouse Road

Sent By Emma S. Reed, Mrs. Charles George Walker To Emily Walker

Concrete Bridge, West Brattleboro.jpg

West Brattleboro

Whetstone Falls, Brattleboro House.jpg

Whetstone Falls

Dickinson Road, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Lawton Hall 1937.jpg

The Whetstone Waterfall.jpg

Whetstone Brook Waterfall

United States General Military Hospital, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

United States General Military Hospital, Brattleboro, Vermont

Princess Theatre, George Bugbee House.jpg

Princess Theatre, Corner Church And Elliot Streets

Former George Bugbee House

Fountain Square, Letter Box, 1905.jpg

Fountain Square, Letter Box, 1905

Chesterfield Bridge, Connecticut River, New Hampshire.jpg

Chesterfield Bridge, Connecticut River, New Hampshire

Adin F. Styles, Stereoscope View, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Adin French Styles, View From Prospect Street

Old Baptist Church On Elliot Street At Center

Bridge Street In 1894.jpg

Bridge Street In 1894

Rev. Dr. George Leon Walker, Centre Congregational Church.jpg

Ranslure W. Clarke, Esq.jpg

Ranslure W. Clarke, Esq.

Elizabeth Hunt Palmer Gravestone.jpg

Elizabeth Hunt Palmer Gravestone

Hepzibah Pyncheon In The House Of The Seven Gables

Dick Thomas Garage Sign, Putney Road, May 1, 2011.jpg

Richard M. Thomas, Proprietor, Putney Road

Thomas Service Station, 1940.jpg

Thomas Service Station In 1940

Dick Thomas Garage Sign, February 2017.jpg

Wilder Farm Road.jpg

Wilder Farm Road

Brattleboro Retreat Stationery Letterhead 1909.jpg

Brattleboro Retreat Letterhead 1909

Eugene Ferriter.jpg

Eugene Ferriter

Bridge Street Railroad Crossing Guard

Arad S. Gould, Victorian Calling Card, Hibiscus.jpg

Arad S. Gould, Victorian Calling Card, Hibiscus

Central Vermont Railroad Ticket, Circa 1886.jpg

Newman & Co. Machine Shop.jpg

Newman & Co. Machine Shop

Stereoview By David A. Henry

Farm Security Administration, Brattleboro, Putney Road.jpg

Putney Road

Gulf Station, Putney Road.jpg

Gulf Station, Putney Road

Creamery Bridge, Gravure.jpg

Brattleboro North Village 1930.jpg

Oak Street From The Brattleboro Retreat Tower 1930

Reed Hill Looking North 1900.jpg

Reed Hill Looking North 1900

Hon. John Noyes, South Street, West Brattleboro Birthplace.jpg

Hon. John Noyes House, South Street, West Brattleboro 1894

Plan Of Brattleboro 1876.jpg

Dr. Ward R. Noyes Residence, Corner Spruce Street, Western Avenue.jpg

Dr. Ward R. Noyes Residence On Western Avenue

The Island.jpg


Connecticut River Bridge.jpg

Connecticut River In 1900

Prospect Hill 1900.jpg

Prospect Hill In 1900

Bickford Knitting Machines 1876.jpg

Windham County Bank, One Dollar, March 1, 1862.jpg

Windham County Bank, One Dollar, March 1, 1862

Silas M. Waite, Nathan B. Williston

Residence Of W. Barrell Stereoview.jpg

The W. Barrell Residence

Young Woman, Photograph By Arthur Damon Wyatt.jpg

Young Woman, Photograph By Arthur D. Wyatt

Jonathan A. Church, Planing Mill, Frost Street 1876.jpg

Jonathan A. Church, Planing Mill, Flat Street In 1876

Charles E. Allen, Florist, Canal Street 1876.jpg

Charles E. Allen, Florist And Seedsman, Canal Street In 1876

Residence Of Parley Starr.jpg

Residence Of Parley Starr, Western Avenue In 1876

Toward Brattleboro 1889.jpg

Hinsdale Road In 1889

Suspension Bridge, Chesterfield Road, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Forest Brook, Broad Brook, Algiers, Brattleboro, Postmarked 1907.jpg

Broad Brook At Sunset 1907

North From Wantastiquet.jpg

North From Wantastiquet

From Town Hall, Postmarked July 17, 1921.jpg

Main Street 1921

Brattleboro, Brooks House, Main Street.jpg

A Morning In Spring

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital.jpg

Brattleboro Memorial Hospital

Vermont Asylum For The Insane, Brattleboro, C. L. Howe & Sons.jpg

Asylum Street In 1884

Connecticut River Log Drive.jpg

Connecticut River Log Drive

View South From The Retreat Tower.jpg

At Work In A Maple Sugar Camp.jpg

At Work In A Maple Sugar Camp 1906








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