Picture Gallery 14

Civil War Hospital, 1863, Brattleboro.jpg

Civil War Hospital, 1863, Brattleboro, Vermont

Flying A Gas Station, Canal Street, August 2, 1956.jpg

Flying "A" Gas Station On Canal Street At Washington

August 2, 1956

Brattleboro Family, Circa 1900.jpg

Brattleboro Family, Circa 1900

Estey Organ Centennial Exhibition Poster.jpg

Railroad Ticket Office, 1925, David Carey, Agent.jpg

Railroad Ticket Office, 1925, David Carey, Agent

Connecticut River.jpg

Connecticut River

Junction Of Connecticut And West Rivers, Postmarked April 8, 1909.jpg

Girl Scout Troop 54, Crowell Park, 1962.jpg

Brownie Troop 54, Crowell Park, 1962

Asahel Clapp House, F. W. Woolworth Store.jpg

Asahel Clapp House In 1960

Boston & Maine Engine No. 6018, August 25, 1938.jpg

Boston & Maine Engine No. 6018

Thursday, August 25, 1938

Home For The Aged.jpg

Home For The Aged

Brattleboro House, Whetstone Falls.jpg

Auditorium, Town Hall.jpg

Town Hall, Opera House

Boston & Maine Bridge, Mill District.jpg

Boston & Maine Railroad Bridge

Snowflake Corn Canning Factory, Crosby Grain Elevator

David A. Henry, Stereoview From Hinsdale Toward Brattleboro.jpg

David A. Henry Photograph In 1860's

Fort Dummer Site

Sunrise Lake, Postmarked November 14, 1912.jpg

Sunrise Lake 1912

Adin French Styles, View From South Main Street.jpg

Adin French Styles Photograph 1860's

First Railroad Freight House

View From South Main Street

Brooks House, Horse, Fountain, Circa 1908.jpg

Trout Fishing In Broad Brook.jpg

Ezra K. Goodall Fountain, Putney Road, Black Mountain Road, Wilder Farm.jpg

The Wilder Farm

Ezra K. Goodall Fountain, Putney Road At Black Mountain Road

Wilder Farm, Duck Pond.jpg

Wilder Farm, Putney Road

Wilder Farm.jpg

Union Station 1894.jpg

Coaching Days 1894.jpg

Coaches At Union Station 1894

Three Bridges.jpg

West River, Three Bridges

Buddington & Brother.jpg

Buddington Brothers Grist Mill

George W. Hooker Residence 1916.jpg

George W. Hooker Residence, High Street And Main

Riverside Cabins.jpg

Riverside Cabins

Souvenir Of The Valley Fair.jpg

American Building.jpg

American Building

Valley Mill Company, Bridge Street.jpg

Valley Mill Company, Since 1882

Miner & Barrows At 3 Main Street

Crosby Grain Elevator, Boston Central Boxcar.jpg

Edward Crosby & Co. Grain Elevator

Boston Central Boxcar

James Fisk Monument, Lawn Half Completed, Earliest Stereoview.jpg

James Fisk Jr. Monument

Laying The Sod Lawn

Winter On Whetstone Brook, Circa 1910.jpg

Iron Fountain For Man, Horse, And Dog, June 24, 1882, Estey Guard Parade.jpg

Octagonal Iron Fountain, Main Street, June 24, 1882

Three Separate Bowls For People, Horses, Dogs

Water Flowing From Lion's Heads Decorations

This fountain, with its new iron tank, was set in place during July 1872, after the former law office, express office, and billiard room on the corner had been removed. When this iron fountain was replaced with a fire hydrant, the admired lion's head decoration may have been replicated in the design for the Wells Fountain in 1891.

Baedeker's 1893 Guide, Brooks House, Brattleboro.jpg

Baedeker's Guide For Vermont 1893

West Brattleboro Society, September 8, 1823, Stephen Greenleaf Notification.jpg

West Brattleboro Society

Stephen Greenleaf's Notification For September 8th 1823 Election Meeting

Document From The Town Clerk's Office Seized By "Brattleboro Historical Society"

The four ragged holes in the corners of this document are from its legally required posting in public places such as taverns, inns, and general stores.

Connecticut River Flood, April 17, 1862, Possibly David A. Henry Photograph.jpg

Connecticut River Flood, April 17, 1862

Possibly David A. Henry Photograph

Union Station At Sunrise.jpg

Morningside Cemetery, Scott, Sanders Monument, Fanny H. Larrabee Stone.jpg

Morningside Cemetery

Mortgage Deed, March 15, 1836, Hezekiah Salisbury's Daughters To Epaphroditus Seymour, Canal Street House Lot.jpg

Mortgage Deed, March 15, 1836, House Lot On Canal Street

Hezekiah's Daughters, Hannah, Marcia, Clarissa Salisbury To Epaphroditus Seymour

Know, All Men, By These Presents, 1836, Joseph Steen's Brattleboro Bookstore.jpg

Mortgage Deed Blank From 1836

Joseph Steen's Brattleboro Bookstore

Mortgage Deed, Hezekiah Salisbury's Daughters To Epaphroditus Seymour, March 16, 1836.jpg

Salisbury Mortgage Deed 1836.jpg

Received By Brattleboro Town Clerk Stephen Greenleaf, January 1, 1841

Town Clerk's Office Failed To Protect This Document From Seizure

Harris Place.jpg

Harris Place

Dr. Charles Chapin House.jpg

Dr. Charles Chapin House On Main Street

Site Of Old Brooks Library

Toward The Unitarian Church.jpg

Dr. Charles Chapin's House

Whetstone Falls, Ladders.jpg

Whetstone Brook Falls





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