Picture Gallery 13

Vermont Wheel Club, Roof Garden, Elliot Street, Circa 1910.jpg

Vermont Wheel Club, Elliot Street, Rooftop Garden 1910

Willis Bemis Express Office, High Street, Dr. Orrin R. Post Carriage Road.jpg

Willis Bemis Express Office, Corner High Street And Main

Dr. Orrin R. Post's Carriage Road At Left

Joseph Clark's Drug Store Sign With Mortar And Pestle

Whetstone Brook Falls.jpg

Cupola Building, Whetstone Bridge, Nathan Woodcock House.jpg

John Birge's Cupola Building Or The Yellow Building Originally

Anthony Van Doorn's Warehouse, Operated By S. Gates & Co. In 1853

Nathaniel Woodcock House At Right

John Birge, The Yellow Building.jpg

Engraving On Stone By F. Kudro 1856.jpg

Engraving On Stone By F. Kudrow 1856

Canal Street And Lower Main Street, John L. Lovell May 1856 Ambrotype Detail.jpg

John Burleigh Lithograph In Detail From May 1856 John L. Lovell Ambrotype

Estey & Green Melodeons (Jacob Estey, Hatsel Purple Green)

Anthony Van Doorn Furniture Warehouse, Operated By S. Gates & Co.

Joseph Clark's Pharmaceuticals

The building at lower right is the Guilford church removed in 1832.

The Cupola Building.jpg

Fish Catch Near Island Park, Bridge Street Display.jpg

Bridge Street

Adin F. Syles, Photographer, Circa 1866, Green Mountain Scenery, View From Prospect Street.jpg

Adin French Styles, Photographer, View From Prospect Street About 1866

Old Baptist Church On Church Street In Center Distant

Isaac N. Thorn & Son, Suleiman Pasha.jpg

Brooks House, Photograph By Arthur D. Wyatt, Joseph Clark House.jpg

Arthur D. Wyatt Photograph

Joseph Clark's House At Far Right

Railroad Depot Ledges, Vernon Road.jpg

Old Railroad Station, Postmarked July 30, 1910.jpg

Freight Yard, Vernon Road, Ferdinand Tyler's Blacksmith Shop.jpg

Railroad Freight Yard, Ferdinand Tyler's Blacksmith Shop

First Passenger Station Built 1849

Freight Depot Built In 1860

Main Street, 1907, Horse With White Blaze.jpg

Horse With White Blaze On Forehead In 1907

Red Trolley.jpg

Main Street, East Side, View North.jpg

Centre Congregational Church 1894.jpg

Centre Congregational Church 1894

Town Hall, 1905, Man With Bicycle.jpg

Town Hall, 1905, Man With Bicycle

Main Street, Summer 1905.jpg

Main Street In Summer 1905

Island Park Cafe, Moxie, Hires Root Beer.jpg

Island Park Cafe

Creamery Bridge, George A. Briggs & Co., Wholesale  And Retail Drugs.jpg

Crosby Block, By David A. Henry, Photographic Artist.jpg

Three Men Outside Millinery Store.jpg

Newton I. Hawley's Former Drug Store Now Millinery Shop

Whetstone Brook, April 1869.jpg

Whetstone Brook, April 1869 Flood

West River Bridge In 1917.jpg

West River Bridge In 1917

West River Road, Circa 1940.jpg

West River Road

Thirty Glass Insulaters On Telephone Poles

The Vernon Road In Early Autumn.jpg

The Vernon Road

Vernon Road, Postmarked August 28, 1939.jpg

Welcome To Valley Fair Sign, Brattleboro House.jpg

Valley Fair In 1907

Man Bending Forward To Read Billboard Notice

Post Office, Town Hall, Circa 1924.jpg

Post Office, Town Hall, 1:51 In The Afternoon

View North From Brooks House Balcony.jpg

Brooks House Balcony, Circa 1924

Cobblestone Main Street Looking North.jpg

Cobblestones, Circa 1912

Gas House.jpg

Gas House

Wells Fountain, 1894, Horse.jpg

Horse Drinking At The Wells Fountain In 1894

Carpenter Residence, Asylum Street.jpg

Carpenter House, Linden Street

Ford Model T, Brooks House.jpg

Sign Of The Tall Pole, Main Street 1865.jpg

The man posing with hands behind his back may be the photographer George Harper Houghton, a self-portrait taken in 1865. The buildings, signs, and businesses left to right include Joseph Steen's Book Store, John M. Edwards' "Sign of the Tall Pole" marking his dining and baths establishment, Perrin Simonds' boots, shoes, and rubbers, Isaac N. Thorn's pharmacy mortar and pestle sign, Isaac L. Sargeant's "Billiards" and "Meals At All Hours" in the old Hall's Long Building, the Phoenix Office, Thompson & Ranger's watchmaking and jewelry, and the new Estey organ factory.

Amadeo De Angelis, Shoe Shop, Circa 1915.jpg

Amadeo De Anglis Shoe Shop, Circa 1915

Early Crosby Block.jpg

The New Crosby Block

Engine Under Steam.jpg

Engine Under Steam

West River Bridges.JPG

Old Railroad Station, Looking North.jpg

Corner Main Street, High Street, 1910 Looking North.jpg

St. Michaels Episcopal Church, Gaslight Streetlamp, Caleb L. Howe Photograph.jpg

St. Michael's Episcopal Church

Caleb L. Howe Photograph

Lucius H. Cathan, Brattleboro & Whitehall Railroad.jpg

Brattleboro & Whitehall Railroad Along The Putney Road

Lucius H. Cathan Photograph

Willis Bemis Express Office, Baptist Church, David A. Henry Photograph.jpg

Willis Bemis Express Office, Baptist Church

David A. Henry Photograph

Oak Street, Trolley, Circa 1908.jpg

Trolley In 1908

Main Street Traffic Near The Brooks House.jpg

Old Covered Bridge, May 1902, Reeds Hill.jpg

Old Covered Bridge, May 1902, Round Gas House, Reeds Hill

New Railroad Station.jpg

Bridge Street, Depot Street.jpg

Broad Brook Covered Bridge.jpg

Broad Brook Covered Bridge

Creamery Bridge, Sycamore Tree.jpg

George E. Fox Post Card, Bridge Street.jpg

Parade In Summer.jpg

Ames Hill.jpg

Ames Hill

Parade By Ambrose Knapp Sign.jpg

The Vermont Last Block Company.jpg

Lower Main Street After 1869 Flood.jpg

Crowd On Whetstone Rocks 1869.jpg

Whetstone Brook Flood 1869

Linden Street, Summer Day.jpg

Linden Street

Second Railroad Station, Ledges.jpg

The Main Street Hill.jpg

Benjamin A. Crown Photograph.jpg

Benjamin A. Crown Photograph

View From The Town Hall Porte Cochere Rooftop 1917

The American Building, Lunch Room.jpg

Airscape Of Brattleboro, Vermont 1923.jpg

Clark Street, Reed's Hill In Foreground

The Brooks House, Gas Lamp, Express Office.jpg

The Brooks House, Circa 1880

Willis Bemis' Express Office, Far Right

Red Automobile Along West River Road.jpg

Along The West River Road

Engine Brattleboro, Vermont Valley Railroad In 1869.jpg

Vermont Valley Railroad In 1869







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