Picture Gallery 10

Soda Fountain, Island Park Pavilion.jpg

Soda Fountain, Island Park Pavilion

Hires Root Beer

Memorial Hospital, Brattleboro, 1920s.jpg

James Fisk Monument, Nichols, Photographer.jpg

James Fisk, Jr. Monument

Carlos W. Nichols, Photographer

Red Cross, World War I.jpg

Red Cross, World War I, Rolling Bandages

View From Richards Bradley Residence Towards Brattleboro, Stereoscope.jpg

Richards Bradley Farm, View South Towards Brattleboro Village

Childrens Birthday Party.jpg

Birthday Party About 1910

Truck, Thomas Pharmacy, Brooks House 1929.jpg

The Thomas Pharmacy 1929

West River Bridge In Winter, Looking South.jpg

West River Bridge In Winter

Toll Bridge And Connecticut River, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Connecticut River Toll Bridge

Cameo Bracelet By William Morris Hunt, Circa 1840.jpg

Cameo Bracelet By William Morris Hunt, About 1840

Gift For Jane Maria Hunt

Richard, William Morris, Leavitt, John Hunt, Her Brothers

Panoramic View From Wantastiquet 1921.jpg

The Frost Farm, May 1913, Cyanotype.jpg

Charley's Aunt At The Auditorium, April 1911, The Cast.jpg

The Cast For "Charley's Aunt" At The Auditorium, April 1911

Myron P. Davis, Alice Croll, James P. Ferriter, Elsie Gladys Haskell
Alson J. Dugan, Jane Brew, J. Harry Estey
Lena Abbott Eels Mrs. Arthur H. Brasor
Charles Herbert Crane, C. Menzies Miller, Fred C. Adams

Three Bridges, Mouth Of West River, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Three Bridges, Mouth Of The West River

Emma Maria, Mrs. Thomas Avery, Elliot Street Corner Main Street.jpg

Emeline "Emma" Maria Irish, Mrs Thomas Avery, Widow

Elliot Street, Corner Main Street, Circa 1885

American Legion Post No. 5, Linden Street.jpg

Linden Street

Main Street, Traffic, Adventure In Washington At The Paramount Theater.jpg

Main Street 1941

"Adventure In Washington" At The Paramount Theater

Main Street With Cobblestones, Circa 1912.jpg

Main Street With Cobblestones


At Cold Spring

Lamp Post At Upper Dummerston Road

Pagoda, Linden Lodge

Upper Dummerston Road, West River Road, 1905, Cold Spring Pump House.jpg

Upper Dummerston Road, West River Road In 1905

Cold Spring Pump House

Aerial View, Downtown Brattleboro, Printed May 5, 1923.jpg

Photograph Printed On May 5, 1923

Forest Brook, Algiers, Brattleboro, Vermont 1909.jpg

Traffic At The Valley Fair.jpg

Visiting At The Valley Fair

Timothy Vinton Paper Mill.jpg

Timothy Vinton's Paper Mill, Built 1858

Canal Falls, Brattlelboro, Vermont, W. R. Geddis Before 1907.jpg

Canal Falls By Moonlight

Aerial Photograph, Old Valley Fair Grounds.jpg

Old Valley Fair Grounds

Main Street 1928 Looking North.jpg

Main Street About 1928

Delano Dana Dunklee, Stereoview, Street With Fences, Tree Shaded.jpg

Early Stereoview By Delano Dana Dunklee

Looking South On Asylum Street, Now Linden Street

Brattleboro High School, Commencement 1892, Rev. C. O. Day Baccalaureate Sermon.jpg

Brattleboro High School Commencement, June 19, 1892

Rev. Charles O. Day, Baccalaureate Sermon

Palma Non Sine Pulvere - No Palm Without Dust

No Victory Without Strife

Lillis & Smith, Dealers In Groceries.jpg

Thomas J. Lillis, George C. Smith 1884

James J. Lillis, Clerk

George E. Selleck, Printer, Stationer, Trade Card Portrait.jpg

George E. Selleck, Printer, Stationer, Trade Card

1st Lieutenant, 8th Vermont Regiment, Co. "I"

American Building Interior, 1917, Mens Clothing, Shoe Departments, Cashier's Desk.jpg

American Building Interior 1917

Shirts On Tables, Shoe Boxes, Cashier's Desk, Crow's Nest Office

Centre Congregational Church, 1880, Twelve Fifteen O'Clock.jpg

Centre Congregational Church

Holstein Friesian Association.jpg

Holstein-Friesian Association

Scene Near Brattleboro, Vermont, Circa 1915.jpg

Wantastiquet Summit Trail, Circa 1915, Looking North

Miss A. M. Hall, Millener, Main Street Opposite High.jpg

Miss Annie M. Hall, Trade Card 1881

Winning Track Record At Valley Fair Trotting Race.jpg

Valley Fair Track Record 2:13

Fire Engines Of Brattleboro, Vermont 1910.jpg

From Prospect Hill Looking North.jpg

View North From Prospect Hill 1908

View From Prospect Street.jpg

Main Street, Masonic Temple, Brooks Library.jpg

Flour Meal And Feed.jpg

Union Station, Flag, Automobiles, Pedestrians.jpg

Roadside Maple Sugar Stand, West Of Brattleboro.jpg

Vermont Sugar Bucket

Roadside Stand West Of Brattleboro