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Connecticut River Flood, May 1, 1854, Brattleboro, Vermont.jpg

Connecticut River Flood, Crested On Monday, May 1, 1854

Hines, Newman & Company Steam Mill And Machine Shop

Old Vernon Road, First Railroad Passenger Station

Photograph Most Likely By John L. Lovell

Bridge Street, 1869 Flood, Looking Toward Toll Booth.jpg

Ferdinand Tyler's Foundry, John Putnam's Toll Booth, April 1869 Flood.jpg

Ferdinand Tyler's Foundry In April 1869

Formerly Hines, Newman & Hunt Machine Shop In 1852

Sign Over The Door Says Black - Smith

John Putnam's Island Toll House In Distance

Photograph Probably By David A. Henry

Ferdinand Tyler's Foundry, John Putnam's Toll Booth, April 1869 Flood.jpg

Ferdinand Tyler's Foundry, April 1869, Bridge Street.jpg

Depot Street, Island Granite Factory.jpg

Granite Factory On The Island

Brattleboro, Vermont From Cemetery Hill, First Railroad Station, Stereoview By Adin F. Styles.jpg

Adin F. Syles, Stereoview From Cemetery Hill

First Railroad Station

Adin F. Styles, View From Cemetery Hill, Brattleboro 1860s.jpg

Adin F. Styles Stereoview, Railroad Yard, Covered Bridge 1860s.jpg

Adin F. Styles Stereoscope, View From Cemetery Hill

First Railroad Station

Adin F. Styles, View From Prospect Hill.jpg

Stereoscope View By Adin F. Styles

Prospect Hill View To Second Railroad Station.jpg

Second Railroad Station, Irish "The Omnibus" House

Vernon Road, Railroad Yard, Covered Bridge.jpg

Vernon Road, Railroad Yard, Covered Bridge

Vernon Road, Caleb L. Howe Stereoscope.jpg

Vernon Road, Caleb L. Howe Stereoscope

Vermont Phoenix, February 18, 1860

We understand that the Vermont and Massachusetts Railroad Company are making arrangements for a new brick station-house in this village, to succeed the remains of the late frail, unsafe, and uncomfortable structure erected in the snow in 1849. The old building has been partially burned at two different times, to the manifest danger of other property.

John Wolcott Phelps.jpg

John Wolcott Phelps

Francis Goodhue, Distillery, November 10, 1826.jpg

Francis Goodhue Residence, Main Street.jpg

Francis Goodhue Residence

Picnic In A Park.jpg

Picnic In A Park In Brattleboro

American Flag At Top Left Center

Samuel Dutton.jpg

Samuel Dutton

Wells Fountain.jpg

Wells Fountain In 1905


Buddington & Brothers Grist Mill

Connecticut River From Walnut Street, 1914, Round House, Boy On Bench, Girl On Rail, Horse And Cart.jpg

Connecticut River From Walnut Street 1914

Brattleboro Crowd On Whetstone Rocks 1869.jpg

Whetstone Brook After The Flood In 1869

Little River Bridge In 1908 On Cribbing.jpg

Low Tide At Little River 1908

Bridge On Jacks And Cribbing

Repairing Centreville Dam.png

Repairing The Centreville Dam 1869

Ozias L. Miner, Farmer.jpg

Ozias L. Miner

His Farm Is Now Living Memorial Park

West River Bridge, Walk Your Horses.jpg

West River Bridge, Walk Your Horses

Old High School Lawn, Circa 1900.jpg

Old High School About 1900

Clapp & Jones Company Post Card

Man With Meerschaum Pipe At Whetstone Falls After 1869 Flood.jpg

Man With Meerschaum Pipe At Whetstone Falls After 1869 Flood

Coach Before George H. Clapp's House, St. Michael's Episcopal Picket Fence.jpg

Coach On Main Street Near George H. Clapp's House

St. Michael's Episcopal Church Picket Fence

First Steam Automobile In Brattleboro, Clarke C. Fitts, Valley Fair Parade, Linden Street.jpg

Clarke C. Fitts In Waverly Runabout

Three Horse Power, License Plate No. 632

First Electric Carriage In Brattleboro

Maud L. Emerson, Daughter Miriam Clarke, Clarke Fitts Driving

Valley Fair Parade 1909, Linden Street

West River Railroad Bridge Building.jpg

West River Railroad Bridge Building

Family Portrait With Farmhouse And Elm Tree.jpg

Family Portrait

Elm Tree Swing.jpg

Elliot Street, Circa 1873, March 1877.jpg

Elliot Street, Circa 1873 To March 1877

Charles L. Spears Dining Room

Brooks House Balcony View, Centre Congregational Church,  George Clapp House.JPG

Orchard Street, 1910 Brattleboro Post Card.jpg

Orchard Street 1910

Larkin G. Mead House, Horse, John Burnham's Foundry, North Main Street.jpg

Larkin G. Mead House, Horse, John Burnham's Foundry

First Baptist Church 1906 Post Mark.jpg

First Baptist Church In 1906

Samuel Clark, Crayon Portrait.jpg

Samuel Clark

Crayon Portrait

Island, 1869 Flood, 1868 Landslide On Wantastiquet.jpg

Flood In 1869 Dismantles The Hinsdale Bridge

Wantastiquet Rockslide In 1868 Provides Rattlesnake Dens

Main Street Hill, September 30, 1909, Valley Fair Days.jpg

Valley Fair Days

September 30, 1909

Lower Main Street.jpg

Charles W. Cleaveland, No. 7 Main Street

Cigars, Tobacco, Confectionary, Soda

Elbert C. Hall, No. 9 Main Street, Hall's Restaurant, James A. Hoadley, Proprietor

Telephone 85-M

George H. Denyew, No. 30 Main Street, Barber

John A. Larrow, No. 32 Main Street, Barber

Forty-Five Star Flag

Eliza's Brook, Fishing Pool, 1920's.jpg

Eliza's Brook

Vermont Valley Railroad, 1869, Engine Called Brattleboro.jpg

Engine "Brattleboro" 1869

Vermont Valley Railroad

Centre Congregational Church, Garden Party.jpg

Centre Congregational Church, Garden Party

Railroad Station From Vernon Street.jpg

Railroad Station, From The Vernon Road

Steam Engine Northbound, Flood, Bridge.jpg

Steam Engine, Northbound In Flood Time

Island Park 1913 Flood.jpg

Island Park 1913 Flood

View From Hinsdale New Hampshire To Brattleboro Vermont 1934.jpg

View From Hinsdale In 1934

Vernon Road, The Patch, Irish Railroad Workers Settlement.jpg

Vernon Road, The Patch, Irish Railroad Workers Settlement

Cabbage Or Kale Patch, Garden

Two Men Seated On Porch Bench

Methodiist Church, Elliot Street, Postmarked December 8, 1909.jpg

Methodist Church, Elliot Street

Western Avenue, Rutherford Hayes Tavern In Distance.jpg

Western Avenue, Rutherford Hayes Tavern In Distance

Man Seated By Fence

Baseball Field, Grandstand, Island Park Pavilion, Bridge 1910.jpg

Island Park

Main Street Traffic.jpg

Main Street

Connecticut River, W. R. Geddis, Germany, Post Card 1907.jpg

Connecticut River, Brattleboro, Vermont About 1907

Retreat Tower, E. J. Fenton, 1913 Post Card.jpg

Brattleboro Retreat Tower

Old Creamery Bridge, Red Buick.jpg

Creamery Covered Bridge, Red 1954 Buick

Wooden Bridge, Water Fall.jpg

Wooden Bridge, Boys Sitting On Rail, Water Fall

Near The Old Brook Road







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