Mary Elizabeth Bennett, Edgar Palmer Gillett

Mary Elizabeth Bennett, Ambrotype By George Harper Houghton.jpg

Mary Elizabeth "Lissie" Bennett

Ambrotype By George Harper Houghton

Mary Elizabeth
E. P. Gillet
March 4, 1830
March 22, 1856
Aged 26

The marvel of thy beauty cannot dim
The sweetness of thy flesh will not fade
Youth give not all the glory of thine eye
____ ___ ___ and death be nevermore
___ to my soul the ___ ___ charmed
And life and death are glorified and fair
Whither thou goest to know the way I ___
And with ___ ___ to meet thee there.


If death
consort with thee, death is to me as life
So forcibly within my heart I feel
The ___ of ____ draws me to my own
My ___ for what thou art is mine
Our ___ cannot be severed who are one
One flesh, one heart, one soul.

Edgar P. Gillett, Davenport, Iowa, Lithograph By J. H. Bufford.jpg

Davenport, Iowa, 1855-1857

Painted By Edgar P. Gillett

Lithograph By John H. Bufford, Boston, Mass.

Edgar Palmer Gillett died in Davenport, Iowa on December 1, 1857, leaving this painting and one daughter, the now orphaned Genevia, who was born in West Brattleboro on September 24, 1853, most likely on the farm of her maternal grandfather and grandmother, Albert Bennett and Mary E. Salisbury.

Edgar P. Gillett was born on April 12, 1829 in Madison, Jefferson County, Indiana. His wife "Lissie" was born in Farnham, Quebec, Canada. She was the granddaughter of Capt. James Salisbury and Mary "Molly" Stoddard of West Brattleboro.

Edgar P. Gillet, Madison, Indiana, Stampless Envelope Ten Cents Red.jpg

Envelope Posted To Edgar In Madison, Indiana On March 3

Day Before Her Birthday

Edgar Gillett and Mary Bennett were married on October 10, 1852. Genevia married Charles Penn McCann in Davenport, Iowa on October 23, 1878.

The ambrotype portrait above was taken by George Harper Houghton, the brother of Mary Elizabeth Bennett's aunt Harriet A. Houghton, shortly before he departed for Wisconsin with her cousin, fourteen-year-old Henry Hamilton Bennett.







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