The Valley Mill


Edward Crosby's Flour Mill In Summer 1857

New Connecticut River Bridge Partly Built

Robert Pender's Fort On Wantastiquet Peak

History Of The Building.

The old mill building was originally a Baptist church in Guilford, and stood on the hill between the places now known as Guilford Centre and Hinesburg. It was probably built by Gov. Carpenter, the great-grandfather of E. P. Carpenter. At any rate it stood close by the old Carpenter homestead and the remains of the old foundation wall of the church may be seen to this day.

The late Capt. Jesse Wilkins was one of those who helped take the building to pieces and move it to Brattleboro, in 1832, for E. H. Thomas, who built the high wall in the rear and blasted away the ledge on the opposite side of the street.

After its erection here the building was occupied for many years by Francis Goodhue and Dr. Chapin as a tannery, Joseph and Wells Goodhue, sons of Francis Goodhue, succeeding to the business after their father's death. Afterward the building was used as a planing mill by Joshua and Colin Clark, E. B. Carpenter occupying the upper part for the manufacture of melodeons.

About the year 1856 Edward Crosby fitted up the building for a flouring mill and occupied it as such for five or six years in company with his brother-in-law, Wm. Gaines, I. G. Chandler and others. It afterward went into the hands of the Valley Mill company, composed of S. M. Waite, Jarvis Burrows and Warren Eason.

Henry Dunklee afterward purchased the building, added a third story, and occupied the upper part for the manufacture of sewing silk, in which business he was succeeded for a short time by J. F. Stearns.

The wing was used for a time by Wm. Gould, plumber, and by John Gore, machinist. About 1865 S. M. Crouch and John Joy ran the milling business for a year, and Edwin Earle was also engaged in it for a short time.

In 1872 the firm of Estey, Frost & Co. succeeded to the business and bought the property. W. H. Minor bought the mill in 1882, and the firm name was changed to Valley Mill company.

Vermont Phoenix, December 10, 1886


Bridge Street 1860

The Baptists began the building of their church a short distance westerly from the Carpenter residence in 1800. It was never completely finished.





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