Rufus Pratt Meat Market

Brattleboro Meat Market --- Our village readers are ere this, doubtless informed of the fact, evidence of which may be found in our advertising columns, that our meat market has passed into new hands.

We think we can with safety promise, that Messrs. Hadley and Sargeant, will work a needful reform in this department of our domestic economy, about which there has been great dissatisfaction.

Heretofore, the policy of buying cheap has been carried to such an extent, that the best beef has been driven off to a foreign market, and that of a very ordinary quality has been doled out to our citizens at most extraordinary prices; and in addition to this, a few customers, who buy more largely than private families can, and a certain class of families, have been favored with all the choice pieces.

We have great confidence that there will be a change in these respects, under the new administration. --- The business here is sufficiently extensive and profitable, to authorize and demand that the market should be supplied with the best the county affords, and the manner of dealing, should be generous and manly.

We get quite savage and ferocious in thinking of the hours we have misspent in masticating Brattleboro lean tough beef, and we trust for the sake of its humanizing influences, we and our fellows will henceforth be fed upon the fat of the land.

Vermont Phoenix, December 13, 1844.

Editorial by William E. Ryther.

[The company of Rufus Pratt and William Bullock was purchased by Hannibal Hadley and George B. Sargent. The market building stood on the east side of lower Main Street, between the Van Doorn house and the American House Hotel. The dark red brick, granite-trimmed building there now was built by Jacob G. Ullery in 1899.]


Brattleboro Meat Market.

We the undersigned, have been much surprised at seeing a public attack by the Editor of the Phoenix, upon our townsmen Messrs. Pratt & Bullock, late proprietors of the market.

Our dealings with them have been entirely satisfactory to us; and so far from feeling "savage and ferocious" towards them, we only wish that we and all other flesh eaters may always fare as well as we have under their "administration."

Brattleboro, Dec. 13th, 1844.

Henry Smith, D P Kingsley, Jarvis F Burrows, F Tyler, A Stebbins, N B Williston, T C Lord, E Cone, C Chapin, Rufus Scott, C W Townsley, C Townsley, J L Putnam, A Dunklee, Cha C Frost, Moses Ware, D B Thompson, A E Dwinell, H D Brackett, Eben'r Brackett, L D Prouty, David Pratt, W E Muzzy, Willard Frost, John Gore, Jonathan Davis, Reuben Spalding, Henry C Harris, Nathaniel Knowlton, Benj. Ayrs, Warren Briggs, James Thompson, Charles B Stevens, Roger Wardsworth, C G Lawrence, A Dickenson, Geo H Clark, J H King, F H Fessenden, J C Chandler, Dr Jno Wilson, Nathaniel Snow, George W Burnham, Francis J Higginson, R Tyler, G H Salisbury, E Kirkland, Joseph Clark, Jno R Blake, Wareham Burnham, Ozearl Stoddard, Jarvis Root, A Nash, Anson Barber, Roswell Goodenough, Lafayette Clark, Willard Arms, Jr, Stanford R Clark, O J Martin, Frederick Franks, Horatio S Noyes, Jona Dunklee, Jr, Nathan Woodcock, Luther Weld, William Cross, L G Mead, E H Thomas, Cyrus Davis, J H Wheeler, F H Wheeler, F Holbrook, U Sikes, Wells Goodhue, Lemuel Whitney, Jno Burnham, John Atkins, W H Rockwell, Emery Ladd, Houghton Pike, Eben Wells, John C Wells, Ira O Haven, J D Bradley, A J Hines, Geo C Lawrence, Thos Butler, Rodolphus C Sheldon, Ebenezer Howe, Jr, A Van Doorn, Enoch Merriam, William Gould, Nathan Miller, L K Bemis, Stephen Prouty, Asa Miller, N H May, Seth Herrick, John Richmond, Joseph Steen, Jno Woodbury, Henry Kemp, Asa Keyes, Geo W Britton, James Reed, Charles B Hubbard, Westen Hopkins, Benjamin Beal, Henry Miller, Jere'h Beal, Stephen Greenleaf 2d, Samuel Earl, Jr, George Wood, Jno L Dickerman, Edward Samuel, Mrs Abagail Harris, Mrs Martha Freme, Miss Mary Anne Wells, Mrs Mary Tyler, Mrs Maria Townsley, Mrs Sarah Goodhue, Mrs Louisa Higginson, Mrs J A Hall.

Vermont Phoenix, December 20, 1844.

[This extraordinary compendium of beef-eaters and high society contains 122 names.

"Dr Jno Wilson" is a doctor of the eclectic school of medicine, an herbalist as well, yet not vegetarian. Three years after signing this petition, Dr. John Wilson was posthumously revealed to be the Scottish highwayman "Thunderbolt."]


"Brattleboro Meat Market".

We cheerfully give place to the 'certificate of character' of Messrs Pratt & Bullock---& called out by our article of last week under the above title.

We are glad to learn that nobody has cause of complaint but ourselves, and that those who with us have heretofore given voice to complaints, did it without a cause and simply from the love of grumbling.

We see in the list of names many of our bachelor friends, and others, who could have had no occasion to patronize the market, unless to feed their canine and feline appendages, and yet who, from the excess of their good nature, were ready on request to throw out a bone of comfort to Messrs P. & B.

We also see among the signers some who ought to be willing to sign such a certificate, and twice over if needful,--- they being as we suppose, the favored customers.

The long list of names reminds us of an anecdote illustrative of the ease, with which such a list may be obtained when no money is to be paid.

A wag made a bet with a friend that within two hours he would procure two hundred bona fide signers to a petition, that the Mayor of the city where they were should be hung without judge or jury.

He started on his mission, and in the time limited returned with the names of 200 honest burghers--- not one of whom knew what they had signed, except that it was not an obligation to pay money.

Vermont Phoenix, December 20, 1844.

[William E. Ryther here clearly pens a distinctive retraction.]






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