Arch Street Water Wheel 1840

After 70 years or more of continuous service the old overshot water wheel which has turned the machinery in the Stellman machine shop on Arch street, formerly the Hines & Newman shop, has finished its work. The old wheel, which was 18 feet in diamenter with buckets six feet wide, broke in two a few days ago in its dark quarters in the basement of the building, the iron work having become rusted and the wood work waterlogged, and one section settled down upon the rocks below. The wheel had given out on previous occasions and had been repaired, but it is not expected that it will be put into service again. In anticipation of trouble the Twin State Gas and Electric company, owners of the building, had placed an electric motor on the ground floor, and this has furnished power since the wheel gave out. With the exception of the big wheel in the Cole paper mill in Putney, which is 34 feet in diamenter, this is the largest wheel of its kind in this part of the state. Formerly there were three of them running side by side, but the two others gave out and were removed some years ago.

Vermont Phoenix, May 27, 1910.


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