Stephen Greenleaf Toast To American Farmers

The American Farmers---

May they enjoy the rewards of their labor in abundant harvests, flowing vintage, full granaries, crowded barns, large dairies, teeming fields, lusty bullocks, glutted stalls, stout horses, fine fleeces, fat hogs, great potatoes, huge pumpkins, a good market, fair prices, no cheating--no visits by the worm, the fly, the grasshopper, the mildew, by early frosts, by direct taxes, by needless subscriptions, by sheriffs or constables--and beware of being over reached by merchants, wheedled by lawyers, cajoled by butchers, swindled by gamblers, beset by pick-pockets, dunned by tavern keepers, coaxed by jilts, or deceived by one another!

Stephen Greenleaf, Esq. offered this toast during celebrations on July 4, 1821.

Alden Spooner's Journal for the years 1819-1825; Windsor, Vermont.

See the entry for Monday, July 23, 1821.


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