Samuel Briggs 1798


Ran away from the subscriber, on the 19th instant, in indented boy, named Samuel Briggs, about 17 years of age, has light blue eyes, a large mouth, throws back his head and shows his teeth when he laughs; had on when he went away, a checked woollen shirt, brown tow cloth trowsers, and a striped bottle green waistcoat. Whosoever will take up said runaway, and return him to the subscriber, will be entitled to the above reward, but no charges. All persons are forbid harbouring or trusting said boy--thus they will avoid the penalty of the law.

Adonijah King.

Brattleboro, Sept. 21, 1798.

Federal Galaxy, Saturday Evening, October 6, 1798.


Samuel Briggs of Plymouth, Windsor County, Vermont married Phebe Akeley of Brattleboro on February 18, 1804. Justice of the Peace Peter Briggs performed the ceremony. Phebe was the eighteen-year-old daughter of Abigail and Thomas Akeley of West Brattleboro.

Adonijah King bought a saw mill in 1799.

Samuel Briggs was eventually committed for insanity.


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