Josiah Arms West River Farm 1804


Brattleboro' Reporter January 19, 1805


A Rare Bargain! !


The very valuable FARM lately owned by
Mr. Josiah Arms deceased, situate in
Brattleboro', on Connecticut River, a lit-
tle north of the village, and adjoining the
Farm of the Rev. William Wells, is

Now offered for sale,
On Reasonable Terms.

It contains from three to
four hundred acres of excellent Land---
Mowing, Arable, Pasture, and Wood-
lands, well apportioned---About eighty
acres of first bottom Meadow Land, usu-
ally overflowed in the spring freshets,
by the confluence of West river with the
Connecticut, furnishing a rich and never
failing source of manure, so that Poges-
Hole, nor Hoit's Meadow, can ever sur-
pass it in luxuriance of soil.

There are two Dwelling
Houses on the farm pleasantly situated---
The Old Mansion, tho' large and com-
modious is rather decaying; the barn con-
nected with this, sixty by thirty two feet,
and a shed eighty feet long, as also a very
large and convenient Cider House, Loom
House and other out buildings, are in
good repair.

The other dwellinghouse
is new, two stories high, about forty feet
square, well finished on the out side, and
partly finished within---the Barn, fifty
by thirty feet, Sheds, &c, new and com-
pletely finsihed; both houses and barns
have at all seasons, an ample supply of
water, conveyed by conduits.

The Farm also contains
a very valuable Island, between the banks
of West River, timbered with Maple,
Butternuts, &c, and a sufficient quantity
of excellent Orcharding.

It is believed that few sit-
uations in our country can be more invit-
ing to the plodding farmer, or furnish a
more pleasant retreat to the opulent cit-
izen---a Turnpike road to Bennington
and so on, brings us by two easy day's
ride to Troy, Albany or Balistown
Springs. A Bridge lately erected across
the Connecticut, connects us with the
Massachusetts Turnpike at Warwick, a
little more than two days journey to

The situation is remark-
ably healthful and pleasant---society small,
but urbane and hospitable.

For terms application to be made to
the subscribers, on the premises.

John Arms.
Willard Arms

Brattleboro', January 1st, 1805.


Brattleboro' Reporter, January 19, 1805.

Edited By William Fessenden.



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