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Albert Bennett In His Age


The undersigned begs leave to inform his friends and the public, generally, that worn down with the trials and perplexities of managing a little property in the town of Brattleboro, in such a manner as to keep it right side up, I have come to the conclusion to dispose of what little I have as soon as convenient, pay off what I owe and retire to private life.

Feeling confident that a goodly number of my Townsmen will bid me God Speed I propose in the first onset, to sell my Farm situated in West Brattleboro, on the old stage road near its junction with the new one leading from Brattleboro to Bennington, containing about 70 acres, divided into pasturing and mowing land---well calculated for the Dairyman or Wool Grower.

It has a good supply of wood and is well watered---an Orchard which produces some of the best fruit in the country, with a Cider Mill standing on the premises---a comfortable House with a Wood Shed adjoining---an excellent Well of water under the shed---a Barn 58 by 30, with a shed adjoining forty feet in length, both at this time well filled with Hay and Grain. Also, a good Granary, &c. Possession can be given the first of April next.

Secondly. I have a quantity of Hay to sell. Also, Household Furniture---a few Farming Tools, such as Scythes and Pitchforks, rakes and hoes; likewise,

A nine tooth'd Harrow;
A speckl'd Hog, a Spaniel Dog;
A fine milch Cow that's farrow.
These things in store with many more,
I'll gladly sell for ready money;---
If thus you pay I'm bold to say,
You need not fear I'll Dun ye---
[As I have been!]

And to conclude, after what I owe is squared the remainder of the proceeds of the Farm, &c. I wish to have the privilege of claping it into my own pocket and leaving town any time I shall choose or think best.

Albert Bennet.

Brattleboro, 28th Aug. 1839.

Vermont Phoenix, September 6, 1839

Chester W. Sargeant purchased this farm from Albert Bennett and his wife, Mary E. Salisbury, the daughter of Capt. James Salisbury and Mary "Molly" Stoddard.

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Mary E. Salisbury

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Albert Alponzo Bennett

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Emmaline Wells Bennett







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