Early Times In Brattleboro


Hon. Hoyt Henry Wheeler

Early Times In Brattleboro.

The Old Common, Burying Ground and Meeting House

On The Hill Above Centreville

The Original Agreement for the Support of Preaching---

Where the Roads Ran and the People Lived in 1770.

The gift from Oscar A. Marshall, Esq., to the Brooks Library of the original agreement for the support of the gospel in this town excites interest in its history. The colonial New Hampshire charter of the town may be found in Mr. Henry Burnham's valuable work. It was twice extended. Here is a copy of the last extension:


Whereas our Late Royall Grandfather King George the Second of Glorious Memory did of his Special grace and mere motion for the Encouragement of setting a New Plantation within our said Province of New Hampshire by his Letters Patent or Charter under the Seal of our said Province dated the 26th day of Decemr 1753 & in the 27th year of his Majestys reign Grant a Tract of Land equal to five & 1/2 miles square Bounded as therein expressed to a Number of our Loyal Subjects whose Names are entered on the same to hold to them their Heirs or Assigns on the Conditions therein Declared to be a Town Corporate by the Name of Brattleborough as by Reference to the said Charter may more fully appear.

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