The Brooks House Party 1896

The Social Triumph Of The Season.

Perhaps the Prettiest Party Brattleboro Ever Saw.

The Brooks House the Scene of a Brilliant Affair - Dancing Party

Given by Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Carpenter.

Without a doubt the social triumph of the season and probably in all Brattleboro annals, was the dancing and card party which was given by Mr. and Mrs. Walter Chapin Carpenter at the Brooks House Wednesday evening. The parlor, reception and dining rooms which were used for the occasion were artistically and extensively decorated with Easter lilies, palms and tropical plants. In the parlor, the fire-place was banked with the above mentioned flowers, which were also placed in all the windows and arranged upon the piano in addition to a profuse supply of cut flowers. The reception room perhaps elicited the largest share of admiration. Lilies, palms and ferns were also used here and a table was set in the center of the room where the guests could refresh themselves at any time during the evening. The table decorations were simply beautiful; ropes of smilax bordered the table and reached from the ends to the chandelier, being caught at each end with bouquets of carnations. The center piece was a beautiful bouquet of Easter lilies which stood upon a mirror bordered with smilax and carnations which reflected the pretty sight. In the dining room which was used for dancing, opposite the entrance, a stage was built for the orchestra, while Japanese lanterns were suspended from all the chandeliers and along the sides of the walls. A bower of laurel and evergreen was arranged in one corner where the guests could refresh themselves with lemonade throughout the evening.

Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter received their guests in the parlor, the reception lasting from 8:30 to 9 o'clock, Leitsinger's orchestra of five pieces rendering a concert in the meantime. Mrs. Carpenter was handsomely attired in a black brocaded silk gown, with real lace and ostrich feather trimmings and wore English violets.

At 9 o'clock the ball was opened by Col. and Mrs. Geo. W. Hooker and Mr. and Mrs. Carpenter and dancing was enjoyed until 10 o'clock when all repaired to the parlor where an elegant repast was served. Upon returning to the dancing hall the guests were all surprised and delighted at the brilliant sight which met their gaze. The electric lights had been extinguished and replaced with innumerable Japanese lanterns which dispensed a rich mellow light adding greatly to the evening costumes of the ladies and making it a veritable fairy land scene.

The lady guests were as follows:---

Mrs. W. H. Minor, white figured silk.

Mrs. P. K. White, black satin.

Mrs. A. W. Childs, white and blue organdie, white roses.

Mrs. Frank Putnam, lavender silk.

Mrs. G. W. Hooker, black skirt, figured silk waist.

Miss Oella Clark, black crepon.

Mrs. Dr. Barber, black and red velvet and silk waist.

Mrs. Dr. Pratt, white silk skirt, blue silk basque with velvet to match.

Mrs. Eddy, of Rutland, white figured silk with waist of green velvet and chiffon pearls.

Mrs. F. R. Durgin white muslin, pink silk and ribbon.

Miss Florence White, organdie.

Mrs. C. R. Crosby, black wool, jet trimmings.

Mrs. Henry Crosby, black silk, pink roses.

Mrs. Geo. C. Averill, blue figured silk.

Mrs. W. H. Proctor, pink cashmere.

Miss Jennie Hall, white crepon with chiffon.

Mrs. A. D. Wyatt, pink silk and black tulle.

Miss Ruth Hawley white tulle over pink silk.

Mrs. Geo. L. Dunham, Swiss dotted muslin over dotted muslin.

Mrs. C. O. Robbins, black skirt, silk waist.

Mrs. Gerry Messer, white over blue silk.

Mrs. Frank Hunt, black crepon, jet trimmings.

Mrs. John C. DeWitt, white and blue silk.

Mrs. W. H. Brackett, pink silk.

Mrs. Fred Reed, white Swiss muslin over blue silk.

Miss Dora Mitchell, black satin and lace.

Miss Maud Essex, white satin decollete with gold braid, violets.

Mrs. E. D. Whitney, black silk.

Mrs. W. H. Childs, pink cashmere, black velvet ribbons and lace trimmings.

Mrs. C. M. C. Richardson, heliotrope silk, with black lace and velvet to match.

Mrs. C. F. Bingham, swivel silk.

Mrs. F. R. Vaughan, pink silk.

Mrs. Oscar Esterbrook, steel gray silk, diamonds.

Miss Emma Brooks, black crepon.

Mrs. L. D. Taylor, figured muslin over lavender silk.

Mrs. Frank Reed, black crepon skirt, figured waist.

Mrs. E. E. Perry, dotted muslin over yellow silk.

Mrs. F. W. Childs, black satin with trimmings of pale blue and jet.

Mrs. Dr. Bowen, white satin and chiffon.

Mrs. Geo. Baker, white silk with yellow satin, diamonds.

Mrs. Harry Estey, white satin.

Mrs. Gray Estey, opal silk.

Miss Christina Goodall, white with English violets.

Mrs. Dr. Ketchum, lavender silk.

Mrs. Kate Burchard, black silk, black and white lace trimmings.

Mrs. J. J. Ray, black and white wool goods.

Miss Leila Williamson, blue silk, purple English violets.

Miss Susie Hanrahan, black lace.

Mrs. Henley, white with pink trimmings.

Among the other guests present were: Col. Geo. S. Dowley, Col. H. E. Taylor, Geo. B. Hitt, H. R. Lawrence, Harry Webster, Walter Pratt, George Fox, Edward Tyler, Harry Randall, George Foster, Charlie Clark, Hurbert W. Eddy, D. McKenzie, New London, Conn., Harry Thompson, Bellows Falls, Dr. Raymond Hunte, Greenfield, Mass.

The party broke up at a late hour, the guests one and all being unanimous in congratulating their host and hostess upon the success of the evening which was enjoyed in proportion to its brilliancy.

Brattleboro Reformer, January 24, 1896.


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