Stella Brazzi


Stella Brazzi,

The Vermont Girl Who Has Won Success in Grand Opera in London.


Star From Vermont.

Mme. Stella Brazzi, Formerly Miss Harriet Brazor of Vermont,
Makes Her Debut in London.

A new American singer with remarkable gifts appeared at the Royal Opera in London the other night, and won an immense success. She is Mme. Stella Brazzi, contralto, who has been singing in grand opera at Nice during the past winter, delighting the thousands of visitors who sojourn on the sunny shores of southern France. Sir Augustus Harris, learning of her successes on the Riviera, went over from London, and was so impressed with her powers as a vocalist and actress that he immediately engaged her on her own terms for leading contralto parts in French repertoire at the Royal Opera, Covent Garden. Thus, after being on the stage only five months--for her first public appearance was at Nice--Mme. Brazzi becomes the heroine of an enthusiastic demonstration by a metropolitan audience, in which the Prince and Princess of Wales and many other notablilities were conspicuous.

"Faust" was the bill, with Melba, Brazzi, Plancon and Alvarez as the stars. When Mme. Brazzi entered as Siebel she was unknown in London; when the curtain fell on her last scene, she was established as a London favorite. This is much to say of any Siebel, but not too much to say of Mme. Brazzi, who is the best Siebel London has yet seen or heard, and there is much eagerness to hear her in the other operas in which she has found favor in southern France--"Lohengrin," "Samson and Delila," "Herodiade," "Sigurd," "Le Prophete," "Il Trovatore," and "Hamlet"--in which the French critics and Riviera audiences credit her with achieving superb success. Indeed, the Director of the Imperial Opera at St. Petersburg endevored to lure her to Russia, offering to pay a forfeit to the Nice directorate if they would let her off; but the latter very naturally refused.

Mme. Brazzi was Miss Harriet Brazor of Brattleboro', Vt.; she is now the wife of Mr. E. R. Pratt, a well-known Brattleborian. She has been living with her husband in Paris for the past three years, studying for the operatic stage, and her repertoire of contralto roles includes 25 operas. She is the best contralto America has produced since Annie Louise Carey.


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