Richard Wagner's Estey Organ

Estey Organ Company Wagon, London, Bremen, Boston, Paris Shipments 1876.jpg

Estey Organ Company Wagon

Crates Shipped For London, Bremen, Boston, Paris

J. B. Beers Atlas 1876

---A large organ, very elaborately finished, was shipped by the Estey Company on Tuesday last for Richard Wagner, the celebrated musical composer of Baireuth, Prussia. The artist has composed an opera in the performance of which one of the Estey organs is to be used, and he ordered one for that special purpose. It was enclosed in a sealed tin case made by Wood & Marshall, and the whole placed in a wooden box to insure perfect safety from damage in transportation.

Vermont Record and Farmer, July 21, 1876.


Centennial Exposition Trade Card 1876

According to records in the Richard Wagner Museum in Bayreuth, the Estey organ arrived safely on September 5, 1876 and an Estey catalogue soon printed Richard Wagner's tribute to fine craftsmanship---

The tone of the Estey Organ is very beautiful and noble
and gives me the greatest pleasure. My great friend,
Franz Liszt, is also charmed and delighted.

Richard Wagner was rehearsing his opera "The Ring of the Nibelungen" for its
August 13, 1876 opening in Bayreuth. Three cycles of the Ring were given that year.
The last known performance on this Estey Organ was in 1906.

Birge Street 1875.jpg

Estey Organ Company Factory Buildings 1875

Birge Street

Patrick Griffin's House And Garden At Center


Estey Organ Compan, 1876, J. B. Beers Atlas.jpg

J. B. Beers Atlas 1876 Engraving

Estey Organ Company, Boiler And Engine House, 1876 Lithograph Inset.jpg

Boiler And Engine House

Steam Whistle Fire Alarm For Brattleboro On Roof

Estey Organ Company, Gas House, 1876, Lithograph Inset.jpg

Gas House

Estey Organ Company, Packing And Store House, 1876, Lithograph Inset.jpg

Packing And Store House

Estey Steamer, Estey Organ Company, 1876.jpg

Steamer Estey

Estey Organ Company, 1876, Dry House B.jpg

Dry House B

Estey Organ Company, 1876, Dry House A.jpg

Dry House A




Residence Of Julius J. Estey, Florence Terrace, Lithograph From 1876 Beers Atlas.jpg

Florence Terrace, Now Moore Court

Residence of Gen. Julius J. Estey After 1873

Built For John Stoddard In 1853 In Italianate Style





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