Masquerade Ball, April 1887

Masquerade Ball.

What Took Place at Crosby Hall Last Night --

Gay Costumes and Bright Music --

Who Were Hid Behind the Masks.

Dennis Rebekah Lodge gave a dress-as-you-please masquerade ball at Crosby hall last evening. Apparently everybody dressed as they pleased, and when gathered together, presented a decidedly picturesque scene.

The Philharmonic orchestra ushered in the festivities, and rendered, "In Bridal Attire" overture, and "Softly Rang the Bells of Heaven." Further concert was dispensed with, as the people were anxious to get on the floor and begin the fun. The gallery was filled, and standing room was at a premium.

Sixty couples formed in the grand march. Conductor R. F. Wheeler and wife led, followed by Mr. Fisher of Boston and Mrs. Alice Rogers. Fifteen minutes were spent in marching; then the sets formed and the fun was begun.

The masqueraders had pretty well disguised themselves, and it was hard to penetrate disguises, but occasionally a peculiar gait, Juno like, revealed the identity to the lookers. Here were some of the costumes:

Six ladies were dressed in gingham throughout, with pretty shaker bonnet; they were Mrs. L. D. Greene, Mrs. W. L. Haywood, Mrs. A. D. Wyatt, Mrs. Fullerton, Mrs. S. O. Miner, and Miss Kate Selleck.

Miss Annie Kirwan was attired as a gypsy queen; Miss Nina Thomas, "morning;" Florence Tenney, "night;" Misses Zetta Stewart and Sarah Clark, Oxford Students; Ethel Dalton, "lunatic, care Dr. Draper"; Mrs. Brigham and Mrs. Rogers, two Topsys, one representing Topsy in the north and one Topsy in the south;

Rosa March, tambourine girl; Alice Farr, winter; May Stone, Red Riding Hood; Hattie Jones, Buttercup; Mrs. Noyes White and Mrs. Chas. Drown, old style ladies; Carrie Leach, black and orange costume; Mrs. D. L. Herrick, lady of the 17th century; Mrs. W. T. Ellis, ancient costume; Misses Adams and Reed of Guilford, Little Bo-peeps;

Mrs. O. M. Thomas, "morning," Mrs. E. O. Farr, "night;" Miss Hopkinson, flower girl; Mrs. C. S. Nichols, white lace and pink satin; Mrs. S. W. Knight, "night;" Bertha Stockwell, Chinese lady; Hattie Wilcott, Lady Warfax; Mrs. V. O. Jones, Goddess of Liberty; Addie Currier, "night;" Mrs. F. E. Willard, "Miss Samantha Peake;"

Bessie Newman, white lace and pink satin; Mrs. Gibson, nurse; Ella Ellis, "Bo-peep;" Mrs. R. F. Wheeler, fairy queen; Mrs. Chas. Higgins, blue and black; Minnie and Hattie Dearborn and Nellie Hancock, sisters of charity, ancient costumes; W. L. Haywood, jockey suit; O. M. Thomas, toboggan suit;

Walter Walker, Dutchman; Frank Reed, country youth; Fred Reed, English tourist; G. W. Clark, cow-boy; Julius Leach, "Don Carlos," purple velvet with gold trimmings; Ed Tyler, "Don Giovanni," blue velvet, silver trimmings; Harry Lawrence, Dutchman; Fred Gale, English baronet; Walter Boynton, Ed Atherton, Noyes White, F. Moran and others, comic costumes;

O. H. Stickney, Chinaman; E. O. Farr, Dutchman; F. H. Colburn, clown; Charles Drown, Irishman; James McNulty, sailor; Spencer Knight, Irish Peasant; F. E. Willard, Gumption Cute; Sam Kirkland, Willie Perry, Tracy Leonard, feminine attire; Charles Nichols, Dad's Boy (lost his overalls); Conductor Wheeler, Mephistopheles.

About a dozen Hinsdale couples were present. Dan Fisher was heavy with a watch, fob, and malta cross from the O. V. Cox watch manufactory. Refreshments of cake and coffee were served by the ladies, and the party broke up about half past one this morning.

Brattleboro Reformer, April 8, 1887.

Frank E. Willard masqueraded as Gumption Cute---a character from "Uncle Tom's Cabin".







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