George W. Hall's Flatboat 1814

Flatboat Delivery.

An interesting old relic has lately been discovered in one of the garrets of the village in the shape of a letter written Oct. 17th 1814 by Aaron Hays of Hartford, Ct., to Geo. W. Hall of this place. It refers to a contemplated purchase of a stove and alludes to the fact that all freight communication at that time between this place and Hartford was by water. Mr. Steen relates that when engaged in the publishing and book-binding business in his younger days, he at one time purchased in New York a quantity of card board for $500, to be paid in six months. Weeks, months passed by and at length the bill became due before anything had been heard from the property which had been shipped promptly from New York. The money was sent on, and the same day a letter came from Saybrook, Conn., saying that a vessel containing a package of card board marked for Brattleboro, had been wrecked on the coast and that the goods had been stored in a building near by. The goods having been reshipped were received here six months and six days after they were ordered.

Vermont Farmer, August 13, 1875.


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