Cardiff Giant In Revere House


The Cardiff Giant.

The original Cardiff giant is now on exhibition in this village at the room recently occupied by the bank in the Revere House, corner of Elliot and Main streets, and will remain on exhibition the remainder of the week. An opportunity is thus afforded the public of viewing this wonderful petrifaction--or what is it?

Vermont Phoenix, May 26, 1871.


The antediluvian Onandaga gray limestone petrified man---almost ten and a half feet tall---was discovered in October 1869 by a farmer who was digging a well in the village Cardiff, New York. Crowds came to see the visitor from Cardiff. One observer compared the silent shape to Michelangelo's "Night and Morning". Booked to the Revere House, Cardiff Giant proved to be a cumbersome, wildly alluring, yet withal, a tractable guest.


Cardiff Giant promoted Brattleboro brooding and speculating upon---

"the strange mutability of human affairs"


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